At any time now…

Anytime now…

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Also in the last interview they said “We will call you quickly because we need to fill this possition ASAP”.

That’s why I always apply before the weekend, So I can actually tell my mind to fuck off, they are enjoying the weekend and please let us too

I think waiting is usually a good sign because rejection emails would come the day after the interviews, so it means they are considering you if it has been a few days.

What code test do they in interviews in your countries? at least in latin america is always a crud with an interface (for web dev position), it is a bit time consuming so it feels bad when you don’t hear any answer, because it make you think that you wasted your time for nothing

Companies should pay for your time if code tests or case studies are a part of the interview process.

Yea, while the company procrastinates, most senior applicants have gone elsewhere.

Leaving the company to start the hiring process all over again, and delaying their own projects.

– Don’t have a cover sheet on your resume, ever.

– Do 2 interviews and allow them to pay you 200% of your “hourly” for any interview after that.

– If you aren’t given an offer and you know you are proficient and their interviews are what messed them just realize “it’s not me it’s you babe”

Wait you get interviews??? I get preliminary phone calls to go over the resume and an assurance of “we will contact you to setup an interview” then nothing if I’m lucky a denial email

At the mean time, HR placing your paperwork on their desktop.

Sipping their drink and eating their dessert.

“Nah, it’s not in hurry. They can wait.”

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Me waiting for response after 3 interview rounds and 2 code tests

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You should do an asynchronous interview because there is no need to wait for the answer

Industry standard these days is 1 week, and even if it wasn’t, I’ve never heard of someone being penalized for checking on the status.

Because employers have so many rights and powers, anyone that blames you for assuming a no until you’ve collected your first 6 months of pay is a place you don’t want to work at.

Unless it’s your first job, or you were at that for less than a year, it’s a seller’s market. Interview and apply 8 hours a day, finding a job is your job when you’re unemployed, and I’m assuming you are because my interview style when I’m employed is basically, “well, if it’s not too much trouble to get an on-site, and I’m not tired that day, sure, I’ll take a free mini vacation to whatever city if you’ll put me up in the W. Maybe you’ll make a stupidly great offer, but like I told you at the start, I’m in full-on bronze handcuffs now and even interesting opportunities just can’t justify taking a 50% pay cut until I know I never need to work again. Wanna bring me over $1m a year with a cash bonus to cover me until my stock vests? I’m listening.”

Make hay while the sun shines, because they’ll sure as shit do the same when it turns around. It will turn around, everything does in capitalism.

Most I’m willing to do these days is 2 rounds, any more and they can fuck off.

1 remote/coding test and 1 day onsite.

Or the other version. They come back to you but with an offer way below the amount you asked for that they said was reasonable. Wasting my time

I hope you already know this but the hard truth is you should never sit down and wait. After the assessment you can consider you and the company done, and start looking for a new place or prepare for the next interview if already scheduled. Always assume there will be no offer until they actually give you an offer. Otherwise you’ll spend most of your time waiting for nothing.

Don’t fucking wait. Jesus. Keep interviewing.

It’s no different than sales and it’s no different than 20 years ago.

Looks more like me waiting for the app to run while it’s sitting pretty at a breakpoint I forgot.

POV: they didn’t actually need to hire someone, they just got a bunch of applicants to finish their code for a project in pieces. Now the project is done and they have no need for someone to fill the position.

I was part of a program at my school that was helping to place students with cs internships. Each student interviewed with multiple companies with the program as a mediator and a matcher. One company required more assignments, coding challenges, and an extra interview for every student. Their main challenge took me a total of more than 25 hours. They ended up saying they wouldn’t take any interns from the program, which I wouldn’t be annoyed about if it was shorter challenges, but they just wasted everyone’s time.

The worst is when you cant even enter interview stage because the HR who invited you for a job cant bloody read. Every single time.

Code tests. Pft. More like “let’s extract some free labor from these rubes and then ghost them.”

Coders should get together into, i dunno, some kind of ‘club’ where they all form a singular front that refuses to do work for free.

I had an interview last month with just the dev and the product owner and after 50 minutes of talking about the industry which was really cool(i was already working in the same industry with the same type of software and industry lingo). Litterally an hour or so after the call they told me i was hired and asked if I could start asap. Never had an interview go so fast. Tomorrow ill be starting there so im really looking forward to it! 🎉

I’ve always skipped the entire process.

Instead of applying for jobs I usually reach out to someone on the team and state something along the lines of, I’m not really interested in the job but I’m available for freelance work if you need someone to take on some overflow while you’re trying to fill the position.

I then usually do a paid project or two. After that I know the team and environment well enough so if I want the job I can just say, I might be interested in the roll after all.

Then you have a job and you got paid for your time.

(Works in an agency setting anyway)

Apply as machine learning engineer, spend hours of my saturday on their test, get rejected because I used machine learning.

Code tests only exist for the company to look like they’re high-profile. “We hire only x% of our applicants” says more about the recruitment process than the applicants.

How long has it been? If it’s been about a week message them if there’s any update on the position?

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