Assume we will get a scene like this in YJ when it’s over?

Imagine we are going to get a scene like this in YJ when it can be around?

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I want *Young Justice* to end like HBO’s *The Sopranos* with an unexpected cut to bla-

I loved this scene so much. I rewatched the episode as a kid and would try to name every character in time as they came on the screen. I hope we get some kind of big character shot, maybe even in the last episode of Phantoms.

I’d like the final scene to be the surviving members of the original Team in DC, it’s cheesy but I love a bookend

No because Greg Weisman has said that hes literally never going to write the show to end, it will just get cancelled or not renewed, so there wont likely be any triumphant finale moment.

I know a lot of people aren’t fans of this art style these days (“wHy dO tHe MEn lOOk liKE sqUAreS?!” “WHEre dO ThE wOMen KeEP tHERe oRGanS?!” etc.), but you know what? I freaking love Bruce Tim’s art style so much. Yeah, call it simplistic or whatever, but you can’t say it isn’t striking, timeless even. JL and JLU still look great to this day. I wish DC still had something animated with this art style.

I love this ending bc it’s like a broadway show bow out. Starts with bit players, then moves to mid cast. Then ends with the main players . Great idea

Lmaooo every time I see this scene I’m always imaginings you commit the smallest crime and you look up and it’s the entire friggin justice league running after you

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