Arthur’s actor just pressed Antagonize irl

Arthur’s actor just pressed Antagonize irl

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“Well boah when I see your MOMA on her birthday I say Happy Birthday and she loves it, ain’t that right Dutch”

Roger could tweet nothing but mean comebacks and I’d still follow the man to hell and back.

This fuckers voice is in my head, every time I stub my toe or something I internally just hear that one scream Arthur does “AGHHH!”

What’s up with all these skinny white boys saying “niggas” like they think they’re gangster or something?

I haven’t been on Twitter in like a year but one of the things I remember is that soccer pfps are the biggest douchebags on the site

Think twice about it, saying “happy birthday” to anyone on their birthday is actually nice, even if it is someone’s mom.

Oh Panda, this sounds exactly like something you’d do and now it’s backfired on you completely for once

Well at least the comeback is funny

No lie, Roger has also said “Happy Birthday” to my brother in law, but now I see I really missed my chance to make that birthday truly memorable…

Ok this one hurts, cuz RDR was the first game I bought with my own money. I was 19 and I had finally started making enough that I could treat myself to a game and not starve.

12 years? damn…I’m old…

I’d go cry in fetal position but my knees and back aren’t like they used to be ;(

I’m here from popular, and when I read “Arthur’s actor”, I first thought about the little aardvark dude from PBS.

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