Arrogant Boxer Doesn&#39t Know That This Little Male Is A Kungfu Prodigy

Right after a horrible tragedy, a martial artist retreats to a remote village to obtain a new appreciation for the important factors in lifetime, but when he returns to the metropolis to reconcile his past with the current, he receives caught up in a duel to the death defending China’s honor.

Film Title= FE4RLE55
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37 replies on “Arrogant Boxer Doesn&#39t Know That This Little Male Is A Kungfu Prodigy”

There's no way Kungfu can beat Hercules. I mean he was Huo's only opponent who didn't get hurt, at all. If reality-based he didn't beat Hercules. They both spared each other. Basically they didn't fight

Oh wow…i just noticed that the actor who plays the Japanese representative, Mr Mita…he also plays in the movie The Last Samurai. And he's a sneaky snake like asshole in that movie too. The role seems to suit him, as he plays it really well.

In here, you see the typical Chang Cheh thematic, the fallen hero betrayed by his own hubris, then his way to some kind of redemption… Also, Hercules is not just challenging masters, he's a bloody racist. Having him show true sports spirit in front of defeat was an unexpected development ! This spirit in Tanaka feels more fitting the character. Fair fight or no fight !

That was a good movie. But it was kind of a kung Fu ego stroke movie. The whole movie was basically a 2 hour speil about how his martial arts is the best in the world and nothing beats it. But if I am remembering correctly none of those traditional styles are effective against MMA. MMA guys are EASILY beating so called masters of every other style of martial arts. And it makes sense. Instead of doing ineffective things for the sake of tradition. MMA takes all the stuff that actually works from all the martial arts and combines them. that's why marines train MMA instead of a traditional style like kung fu or karate. Cause MMA works in a real world fight. Traditional styles only work in a dojo where no one is actually trying to kill you. Not even Bruce Lee could handle a military fighter. He was fighting an actual ex military guy who saw real combat and he got scared. He was quoted as saying. "I realized that he wasn't fighting me. He was fighting himself to keep from killing me."

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