Aries🪷THEY BOTH WANT & DESIRE 👉 YOU! 😲You’ve A Hard Choice To Make Between Two!💖💖🤔

Welcome to Healing Guides Tarot
Handle @healingguidestarot

✨✨✨✨✨✨I DO NOT Offer Personal Readings ✨✨✨✨✨

This reading can be for your sun, moon, venus or rising sign. Welcome cross watchers.
Feel free to switch roles if you feel to do so. (Always listen to your intuition).
For some the message(s) can be for or about the sign of the video and for others it can be for or about the cross watcher.

Not every reading will resonate for everyone watching. Take what does and leave what doesn’t. Don’t try to make something fit if it doesn’t fit . These are general readings and there is a vast audience partaking in these videos. My guides will hone in on the most prevalent energy at the time of the reading and for whom and what they feel is most needed to be heard.
You will be guided by your guides to watch at the time you are needed to hear the message(s).
I deeply appreciate all your Likes and Subscribes and Please feel free to Share these videos.

For Healing Energy
All the names submitted for the healing box are sent healing every day. No need to resubmit.
I Request that you submit 2 first names per comment. You can comment as many times as you like with 2 first names. (If request has more than 2 names I’ll take the first 2 )
Last names are not accepted and will be rejected.
I’ll reply with the praying hands and heart emojis. Confirming your request.
Only need to submit the names once and they will receive healing everyday. I also program each video with healing energy that the viewer will receive the whole time they are viewing my videos.
These are where the names come from that are drawn at the end of the videos.

These readings are for Entertainment Only.
Please consult your medical professionals regarding any medical, emotional conditions and concerns. I am not qualified to address anything that requires any Medical or Psychological treatments. Nor, any Legal or Financial matters. Please seek Professionals on these matters.
Thank You! Many Blessings to ALL 🙏🙏🙏🧡


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