Appear at that soreness

Glance at that agony

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“This is it: I’ve made it to the pinnacle of catdom. I’ve ascended to a place few have ever gone, I’ve seen things few have ever seen.

And for that I pay the ultimate price.

Was it worth it? Should I have abandoned this seemingly foolish dream so long ago when the thought first entered my little kitty brain? Where would I be now if I had never aspired to greatness? What would I be? Who would I be?

I said it then and I’ll say it now: My entire life has lead up to this moment and…

I. Regret. **Nothing**.”

As my father used to say, “I don’t want the cheese anymore, I just want out of the trap!”

This reminds me of Dan Cummins standup about Nigel, the poor little ant he trapped in a tub of sugar. The worst part was when he released the little guy back into his colony, and they could smell the sweet sugar, but Nigel had brought none home to share.

Dry catfood is one of my least favorite smells in the world, this would be my personal hell.

The Devil’s offer:

Have all the cat kibble you can imagine… but… you shit where you eat

pls stop feeding ur cats nothing but dry cornbread cereal with meat dust and allow them some wheatgrass to snack on and actual meat to nom on. also cats love mayo & olive oil which really helps ther coat shine & feel comfy 🤗

It’s the episode of courage the cowardly dog where Eustace gets his dead brothers haunted money box and gets sealed inside and has infinite money. Then he suddenly asks where am I going to spend it cuz he’s sealed inside and only courage had the key

This reminds me of that episode of Malcolm in the middle where Dewey puts his hamster in the rolling ball filled with food and abandons it.

*My reaction*

Oh my god how did he manage to crawl up in there?? How are they gonna get him out are they gonna have to- oh the top comes off

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