Any individual else sense like stay-action Aang is seeking waaaay also youthful for Katara?….

Anybody else experience like live-action Aang is hunting waaaay also youthful for Katara?….

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Maybe they’ll make him look older in the show or her look younger…. you’re right though he does look very young for her but they can’t not include the romance it’s such a main part

I mean, there’s an extra year between them (the actors are 12 and 15 respectively), but by the time that Katara actually starts to return his obvious interest, it’ll be S3 and by then 15 and 18 won’t look so bad.

Funny enough, they may not be able to show the big finale kiss, given the age differences.

They do look accurate to their ages. Although I’m happy with aang and Katara getting together later in life, I was never really a fan of it in the original series

Yeah I’m gonna wait until I see what it all looks like on screen before making an opinion. Not to mention season 1 is mostly just his crush on her and she doesn’t start having feelings for him until later on, meaning actual years in real life where he’ll quickly grow up. So, this is sort of where they *should* be at in season 1.

Weird thing to say but I’d reckon that they’re banking on him hitting puberty / packing on height and muscle during the next few years of filming.

Skinny kid Aang to fully realised Avatar Aang with stature to match.

On the other hand it’s Netflix, don’t have to worry about romance if they don’t have a season two.

This does look really creepy but I looked it up age difference between the actors is three years, which is only a year more then the actual Aang and Katara

She wearing a lot of makeup here which can make people look older than they really are.

Plus Netflix is known to make actors look younger than they really are for certain roles. A good example would be Ciri in the Witcher. The actress was around 18 at the time of filming, but she looked 11-13 in the first season.

So she looks really old in this picture but she’s actually 15 lol so only a year older than katara in atla

Many people say it’s all friendship before book 3. I can’t agree.

Book 1 had some tension between these two. Not only on Aang’s side. Katara was looking jealous in Kioshi village. She kissed Aang in a cheek when he returned her mother’s necklace. Since the episode with a fortune teller Katara started to think about her future with Aang

People need to relax and they’re making this such a weird topic to talk about and I understand an age difference could be an issue of course, but for a kid who’s just a year or 2 younger than a girl and just simply has a crush isn’t something to completely lose your mind over, a lot of younger kids have crushes on older girls and it doesn’t mean anything especially in the context of this show, they were never a real couple until the end it’s not like they were having really intimate scenes and stuff, this is not some Rated R mature content these are just children.

She looks much younger in her movie [Beans](, which came out in 2020.

Makeup can make someone look drastically older. She’s wearing a lot of that here. I’m sure they’ll tone it down for the show.

The actors have a three year age gap. The show had a two year age gap with the characters at similar ages.

She’s gone through puberty. Gordon has not. He should throughout their filming.

I believe she’s also admitted to wearing shoes with heels or added height in certain photos before.

Also keep in mind that if renewed for all three seasons, it will take a few years to get to the actual romance.

Nah, kid actors are wild and will grow up incredibly fast. Especially if there’s over a year between seasons, as we’ve sorta seen Netflix be tending towards. Danny Larusso’s son in Cobra Kai looks like a totally different actor in season 4 than he did in season 2. Or Bran Stark from GoT is another example. The bigger issue for me will be somehow explaining Aang’s growth over the course of about 9 months haha

This is also Gordon before shaving his head so this is like pre shooting. He’s probably grown some since then. Relax people

Just look at the cast of Harry Potter between 1, 2, and 3 or Stranger Things – kids age quickly. Their makeup department and personal trainers will help too.

Just cut the romance out. It was never atla or korras strong suit anyway. I want love for an adventure to be the thing

They’re actors doing acting, otherwise known as professional pretending. Kinda tired of seeing continuous rehashes of this topic trying to make controversy of it.

They’re not far apart in age, Aang and Katara aren’t together till the end of the series, after which the actor for Aang will have aged as (if) the show is green lit for more seasons.

It’s a non issue.

I’m waiting to see them in the context of the show to decide if I agree with this or not. Most of Kiawentiio’s pictures online show her with make up that definitely ages her up. Age wise there’s a 3 year gap between them, which is one more than Aang and Katara and definitely plays a part. Height wise, they’re not that far off, actually. According to Kiawentiio’s bio, she’s 5ft (152 cm) and Gordon in his Instagram says he’s 4ft 10″ (147 cm). Kiawentiio also said on a live in her insta that the day this picture was taken, she was wearing high shoes that added at least 5cm to her height.

According to these, I believe it will be possible to pull the romance off but as I said, I’m waiting to see.

He is. But since it’ll probably take 3 or 4 years (at least) to make the whole series, he won’t look so young by the time Part 3 rolls around.

People really bothered by this and not realizing that huge age differences with some Disney stars in their sitcoms that were far worse than this. These are two children either way you put it, you never had a crush on another girl in your school when you were a kid? Like really?

Well, the actors are close to the ages of the actual characters. Tbh I always thought Aang was too young for Katara in the original series anyway. 12 and 14 is only two years but at that age I would argue it makes a huge difference when you’re that young. Most 14 year old girls have already gone through Puberty and our starting to look more like teenagers but most 12 year old boys, or at least Aang, haven’t hit puberty and still look and behave like little boys.

I think it’ll even be better in the live action because they can play the first season off as like an unrequited crush from Aang, but since the series will span multiple years instead of one the actors and the characters will have more time to mature, and make the romance seem more plausible (between two teens rather than a teen and a child)

I just googled it and honestly the casting looks pretty on point. I am going to go into this show with no expectations though.

The kid playing aang obviously hasn’t gone through puberty yet. The show is probably gonna have a few seasons (if it doesn’t suck) and last a few years. He’s going to look a lot older then.

You can say the same thing about Aangs voice actor in the original show. The first few episodes he clearly sounds like a young kid, and by season finale he sounds like a young teenager.

personally i feel like they casted Katara too old. Katara is supposed to be a 14 year old girl at the beginning and 15 at the end but they casted a 13 year old for Aang and a 17 year old for Katara which makes no sense. I think they went too old for pretty much all the characters since they casted adults for young teens 12-16 year olds shouldn’t look 18-20 when they didn’t look that way in the source material

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