#AntonioBrown claims “There&#39s No Racism” in The united states!

Antonio Brown feels there is no racism in The us. So him earning $100 MILLION implies there is NO RACISM. At any time considering the fact that the days of slavery “Prize Bucks” have been always provided additional… a tiny far more to consume, a woman, matters the rest didn’t have or get to get pleasure from. Income may perhaps distance you from particular things, but make no oversight… when the dollars runs out after the talent diminishes, so does the privilege if that’s all you introduced to the desk.
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Antonio Brown is an unhinged , unstable person. I do remember when Colin Kaepernick was kneeling, he supported him. In other words he acknowledged the cause and the movement, and I'm surprised no one has brought this up to him yet. I wouldn't even bring Antonio Brown in the spotlight. He's a jealous, angry, and opportunistic person with no principles or foundation. People like Brown could care less about anyone. He'll bite the hands of those who feed him. The guy need a serious mental health evaluation. And he shouldn't compare himself to Kap. Kap has never ever broke the law but he got blackballed , because he pointed out things and contradicted those who say no such thing as systematic racism. Brown will do something destructive . It would be a matter of time. Just wait and watch.

Dr. Claud Anderson says it right, Black people are the only people running round producing nothing but sweat! Racism exists and we all know it. Every horse owner grooms and trains their quarter horse because it is their bread winner. Thanks for speaking up DL.

Antonio Brown is comfortable giving voice to an idea like that because he is a selfish M F. Thoughts of how OTHER's lives are challenged or made more difficult by racism never enters his mind. He is correct about one thing: the impact of racism on the ability of one to make money is less now than it was 50-60 years ago.

These folks often get away with fringe assertions like that because the challenges to them are often times just angry name callings like “uncle tom” etc. You sir, take the time to counter it with point by point clear eyed facts-which is frankly the only way to squash these falsehoods

Racism will never be eradicated, as long as man has and maintain greed and fame. Racism does not reside in only one ethic group. But it resides in all groups. It is just that the Black ethic groups and Native American ethic groups, by the gift of God all mighty, was given land that was full of riches, and the White ethic groups were given land that most animals could not even live on. And it was that jealousy, that led the White ethic groups to develop their racial hatered and indifference towards those ethic groups of color. So, if you are a believer in the bible, then when Cane killed Able, and left with his tribe, he went to the North, which was bearen, while the hiers of Able, resided in the lands of the Gods. Now Cane has returned, to finish the nasty mess that He had once started.

Man, don’t waste time talking about Antonio Brown, he was a waste to my team and a complete idiot! He’s probably somewhere with a pipe in his mouth blowing the same amount of smoke he’s spewing out his mouth about the subject of racism! He’s a tool and a fool!!!! DL’s assessment is right on point.

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