Anon wears a mask

Anon wears a mask

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I do this too lol


I was like “because I don’t need your permission to wear whatever I want.”

I wear a mask so I can day drink. I also tell everyone that I have a cold and don’t want to infect anyone else, because isn’t that how masks are supposed to work?

>Ugly Anons think hiding half their face is making others seethe, when 99% of people don’t even give a shit or acknowledge you

I don’t wear a mask and get shit from pro-maskers

I wear a mask and I get shit from anti-maskers

so now I just wear half a mask and everyone thinks I’m a fucking idiot

I almost lost my wife and kids to COVID and now I wear it everyday at work or wherever. People at work ask me why I still wear it (I’m the only one still doing it). And they never ask again after that.

Wrong, nobody gives a shit if you wanna wear a mask. Sorry to break it to you, anon, but you’ve yet to discover your ticket from obscurity.

Mine messes with my sensitive skin something fierce, so I’m more than happy to stay home or preferably, never wear a mask again.

Even if I look better *with* the mask.

am fully vaccinated and likely had covid last fall. still wear a mask because i dont want people to see my face

“Don’t you know the mask mandates are over?”

“So you’re saying you only do what the government tells you?”


> be me
> have fucked up teeth
> pandemic happens
> gotta wear a mask
> get vaccinated
> still wearing a mask
> pandemic winding down
> idk dude, better safe than sorry
> still wearing a mask

damn looks like i’m gonna need to keep covering up these bad boys for a while yet what a shame

You wear a mask to trigger the anti-maskers

I wear a mask because I have social anxiety

We are not the same

i do this, only person who wears a mask at the lab i work at. mostly because they’re daily fox/blaze listeners and they sperg whenever bidens name is mentioned. i don’t think they’ve seen my face in the 2 years i’ve been there.

>does what the government tells me to
>hates people who don’t
>haha cope I am free to do whatever I want, I just choose to do what I am told

I live in the rural south and wear a surgical mask whenever I go out in public without exception. It’s pretty rare these days to see anyone else wearing one, but I have never even once received even so much as a mean glance, let alone “triggered” someone enough that they even mentioned it.

Wearing a mask because you believe it bothers someone else instead of for your own protection says a lot more about you than it does about them.

“Oh the government said you don’t have to wear those anymore🤓🤓🤓” bitch do I look like I give a fuck what the government tells me to do?

if “seething” is giving a slight chuckle while murmuring “fucking moron” under their breath while going about their day, then ya…i guess so

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