Anon realizes a sample

Anon realizes a sample

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“I only started to become racist when I started hanging out with racists”

I fixed it.

I’ve been on 4chan since 2004, when I was 18. I’m telling you. There’s no way out. Won’t post the actual word else I’ll get permabanned.

I hate this idiot, and the fact he’s saying such nonsense makes me dislike him even more. This kid probably had some sort of weird messed up mental state already, I doubt 4chan made him be that way. And even if it changed his worldview that doesn’t mean he had to go and shoot people up.

How the fuck do you use the word “started” three times in the same sentence? He should do at least 2 years extra time for that horseshit.

Why is everyone giving him the publicity that he clearly wanted? This just encourages the next loser to do the exact same thing.

I’ve never liked 4chan but the media always fucking hated it, always looking to connect everything to the “infamous hacker”.

I used to go out with a guy who has aspbergers. He was always a jerk, but he had redeeming qualities. He started going on 4chan/pol after a few years, turned completely racist, sexist, and abusive. He used to be a political progressive, then after 4chan said he was a fascist. Right before the 2016 election he predicted Trump would win, I didn’t know why he would say that because Trump was not a serious threat to Hillary in the polls back then. The minute I had the means to make a clean break I dumped him and changed my phone number. Moved out of state 6 months later.

I heard about the shooting and I assumed the guy killed himself. Too bad he didn’t so we’ll have to hear his awful thoughts on things

ME: I don’t want to dignify this fuckhead by knowing how his stupid racist “thought process” worked


To be honest, I assumed most people there are just LARPing when I was young and edgy. Now I know there are some genuine psychos on there but boy, there ARE a lot of LARPers on there too. And many who cannot tell the difference.

Edit: I agree that it does not matter in the end what is LARP and what is genuine. You are either talking to roleplaying trolls or psychos. Most of that site is trash but monkeys on typewriters WILL produce some comedy gold if you wait long enough.

What if we turn 4chan into a place that manipulates vulnerable people into doing their homework and loving their parents and respecting their fellow human?

What I don’t understand is how 4chan is radicalising people when 75% of it is gay porn and 20% of it is straight porn. How are they honing in on the remaining 5% and becoming shooters rather than becoming chronic masturbators?

[‘We Must Protect The Pure Aryan Bloodline,’ Says Child After 9 Minutes Of Unsupervised Facebook Access](

Also anyone know why the comment won’t hyperlink?

Edit: It worked! I want to thank the team, couldn’t do it without you. u/aSharkNamedHummus, you really pulled in there at the last minute. u/Sataris, you were there since the beginning. I want to thank the r/greentext community for bringing us together, and to Reddit and it’s employees, especially the security team. I want to thank the folks over at r/nottheonion, r/trombone, and r/mapporncirclejerk, you shaped me to who I am today. I want to thank the lurkers who give us your silent approval and shares. I want to thank my followers, and those who may know who I am. Mods. I want to thank the Tom and Jerry memes, I haven’t forgotten you. I want to finally thank Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Socrates, Diogenes, Aretha Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Tom Hanks.

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