Anon finds a awesome rock

Anon finds a neat rock

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*Image Transcription: Greentext*

**Anonymous**, [*No. Unknown*]

**Cool Rock**

[*An image of what appears to be a small, carved flint arrowhead sat on a blue cloth background. It is roughly the shape of a heart, turned sideways.*]

> be 6 year old me

>go on a kindergarten trip to a forest

>find a cool rock in ground

>its flint

>I like flint, it makes sparks

>I like sparks

>starts to dig it out

>it’s bigger than I thought

>the entire group waits for me

>feels pressured as fuck

>digs faster and faster

>the flint is massive

>holly shit it’s hearth shaped

>shows it to everyone

>the guide takes it and hits it with some metal

>a fucking cloud of sparks appear

>best day of my life

>be me 10 years later

>still have that rock

>every time I look at it I remember the fun and excitement of childhood

>why can’t I go back anons?

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> Why can’t I go back?

Same. Would be nice to see if I didn’t go full on depressed slacker.

I don’t want to live the adult live anymore but I can’t.

Just graduated from college and pursuing masters but I don’t see myself doing anything

lol imagine not having a time machine

whenever I’m feeling nostalgic, I go back in time and kick a younger version of myself in the ribs

haha lol good ti- OOOF

wtf some old guy just kicked me in the goddamn ribs wtffffffff

Wanna go back? Have your own kids. It’s fun seeing things through a new set of eyes. Tiring as hell though.

> why cant i go back anons?

the moment you “leave” is the moment you stop being curious – try somethin new today that you usually wouldnt do and notice how it feels, feelsgoodman

Nothing is stopping anyone from walking around and geologising in their down time, shit’s fun.

Go back to *what*, you have the rock, you brought the rock with you, there’s nothing to go back to, the rock is here right now and you’re an adult, you can make works with it whenever you want…

It’s actually the steel that makes the sparks flint is just sharp and hard enough to shave the metal off.

You can indeed go back. You just have to unlearn all the toxic thought processing that are robbing you of your innocence and wonder.

Become a metal detectorist, youll relive those moments, especially when you pull a gold ring in front of a small party of children, they FREAK THE FUCK OUT at treasure.

Nostalgia is a dangerous drug. It’s ok to look back on past memories, but don’t waste your life trying to relive it. It’ll ruin your life.

I found a rock with a hole in it walking the dog. It doesn’t sound much but if you saw it you’d impressed. I took it into work and everyone was impressed.

Get off fourchanneldotorganization until the vocabulary falls out of your head and become a scoutmaster or whatever the fuck it’s called.

Was the flint black in color? Because that would explain it. You see, once you go black, you can never go back.

If you have kids, or plan to one day, find ways to help them experience those same things. As a parent, it’s equally rewarding to watch them discover the world around them from an adult’s perspective.

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