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Everyone needs a little push sometimes especially when they feel down, hopefully this makes you feel better if you are

the amount of motivationshe need just to cry all day and do one of the hardest work of her society.

What a sweet looking girl…

I sure hope nothing wacky and uncharacteristic happens to her during her shift at McDonalds

I’m tryin boss… I keep trying, but I’m tired and things seem so difficult I feel like my heart’s about to break

The real plot twist of Chainsaw man was that Kobeni was best girl all along.


Just kidding its actually Kobeni’s car

Poor Kobeni can’t catch a break first she places lower in the character poll than her own car then she constantly has traumatic experiences like going to actual hell or the mcdonalds part

A anime_irl post about a character whose life is pretty much constant suffering hyping themselves up so that they won’t just give up on life in the morning…

Yup fits me. 🙂

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