And taken into police custody without having a scratch.

And taken into police custody with out a scratch.

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To be fair he was just committing mass murder it’s not like he was doing anything dangerous like sleeping on a couch at 7am when police executed a no-knock warrant.

Just waiting to hear whether or not the cops took this racist piece of shit to Burger King after arresting him.

What’s crazier is that he also had written a white supremacy manifesto. I feel like giving him ANY airtime would be a disservice to ALL.

Edit: “Crazier” is my opinion on the manifesto. This whole situation is beyond fucked.

He’s a Republican patriot. They’re probably playing news coverage of the story right now during tonights coke orgy.

This double standard shit has to stop. I can’t believe the idiots in charge titled a *police reform movement* “defund the police”. Like that wasn’t EXACTLY what the right wanted to make that *not* happen.

And when he got arrested it went like:

“Let me just put the cuffs on you brother. Oh what’s that, they’re too tight, let me adjust that. Hey you hungry btw, want any Burger King?”

Damn, a white boy driving hundreds of miles to go shoot people, I think I’ve seen this movie before.

I’m sharing this great and brief article from 2019 wherever I can called [There Are No Lone Wolves](

And [this]( is the non pay walled version.

We have to address Large Corporations platforming the Great Replacement Theory and their direct assault against teach Objective American History.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

>First, the mission. Young white men today are the last generation of Americans born when white births outnumbered those of nonwhites. Seven years ago, the Census Bureau reported that minorities, particularly Hispanics, were the majority of newborns in the United States, a trend that will continue. The development can be viewed as natural for a nation of immigrants or, in the white-supremacist interpretation, a “white genocide” controlled by Jews.
>In other words, this strain of white supremacy doesn’t simply dislike the “other”; it views the other’s very existence as part of a zero-sum game. The sense of “the great replacement” seeps beyond the bounds of their in-group

“Oh hey officer! Mind giving me a lift to the station? These people are getting pretty upset. Thanks.” -White Terrorist

And it needs to start being called that and treated this way. The longer this shit goes being treated as just a crime spree the more of these will happen

This is just like the kid in El Paso who drove hours to shot Mexicans at Walmart… fucken white supremacy bullshit

And watch for the calls for instant forgiveness. You commit a heinous act No forgiveness for you.

Nooooo, you see, the skin color doesn’t match.

You keep forgetting this.

White = mental health.

Brown = terrorist.

Black = thugs, and gangs.

Get it right next time…

People will still try to say white supremacy isn’t the biggest threat to America currently. At this point it isn’t just wilful ignorance it’s compliance.

Its the police not fearing a dangerously armed white murderer but hey, black boys unarmed pose a deadlier threat right?!

I don’t understand the dissonance required to think Black people are violent then you go and do this. This is why I’m so sure white apathy will always matter more than their sympathy. Look what good it’s done.

Edit: To clarify, sympathy is great but it comes from a passive place. Apathy is a much more dangerous feeling that must be countered. The goal isn’t to gain more sympathy for black lives but to combat an apathy for them.

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