Analyze: Youthful Adults’ Usage of Alcoholic beverages, Cigarettes, Other Substances Fell Following Cannabis Legalization

Research: Younger Adults’ Intake of Liquor, Cigarettes, Other Substances Fell Adhering to Cannabis Legalization

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20 replies on “Analyze: Youthful Adults’ Usage of Alcoholic beverages, Cigarettes, Other Substances Fell Following Cannabis Legalization”

This is why legalization has been fought against for decades. Too much money being made from it being illegal, along with tobacco and alcohol companies losing customers.

If I understand it correctly, the data was collected from Washington State during 2014-2019 (the ‘data’ link in the 1st paragraph); cannabis usw has been legal there since late 2012 and distribution since 2013 or 2014 (Wikipedia).

I’m didn’t read too closely, but wouldn’t data gathered earlier better capture the trend of pre- and post- legalization?

I have no desire to drink when I smoke or eat some THC. I don’t wake up with a hangover either, maybe a little groggy, but I’ll take that over a pounding headache!

I personally have been drinking less after beginning to switch to THC products. Nothing like waking up in the morning feeling refreshed without a hangover.

I quit drinking and starting smoking pot more often once it became legal also my co workers tell me I aged backwards im 29 and look 19 since I quit drinking so theres that I guess.

Very anecdotal, but since legalization I feel like I’ve heard more and more people saying they just smoke weed and don’t really drink often. I think a lot of adults didn’t want to deal with the process of obtaining an illegal drug. It’s cool when you’re in high school/college and you know a guy. But when you have a career and responsibilities, you’re not really trying to spend time finding a dealer or risk getting arrested.

Good!!! I’d rather live in a society full of potheads than a bunch of violent, abusive, obnoxious alcoholics..

Weed is economical for someone with a low tolerance.

A 4 dollar edible will get me just as intoxicated as 8 drinks.

Not surprising. Weed is way better than booze and cigarettes. I tell my alcoholic father this and he still refuses to try it because he has that war-on-drugs stigma where the only potsmokers are hippies and thugs

Best thing I did when I was high: clean the house while blasting Control Machete, then took a walk with the cats.

Worst thing I ever did when I was high: binged Jalapeño chips while bingeing the Transformers movies.

Worst thing I’ve seen someone do drunk? Kill my dad while drunk driving.

Hasn’t the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes been falling for decades anyway? Did they compare it against states that haven’t legalised? Is there a notable change in pattern before and after legalisation?

Thinking back to my entire childhood and the system telling me pot was a gateway drug. Ha.

Yeah but now I’m spending more money on groceries! I wash more dishes because I’m always thirsty and my cereal bowl was used the last night (as it is every night) so my water use is also high. To top it all off my electric bill is also higher because I’m actually enjoying playing video games again and I am constantly charging my phone so that I can listen to MORE MUSIC.

Maryjuanna has been the gateway drug to me enjoying my life.

This is exactly the reason why it hasn’t been legalized in the US. And alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries don’t want competition and keep lobbying against marijuana legalization

It seems like marijuana is the new Starbucks.

It would be interesting to see a longitudinal study over several years to see if the effects are sustained after the novelty wears off.

I love weed and appreciate what it has done for me with pain relief, but I am upset that I wasn’t told about the possibility of abusing it and the consequences. I smoked almost everyday for two years thinking that getting off it would be easy, I was dead wrong. Today I ended up in the ER because my withdrawals sent my BP to hypertension levels and my heart rate to spike so bad it woke me up this morning. It has felt like I have been dipped in the purest form of anxiety and fear and my stomach has been so messed up ive lost nearly 10 lbs in a week. Again, I absolutely love weed, but we need better education, which I think doesn’t exist because it has been illegal for so long.

I’m 57, smoked weed when I was in my teens early 20s. Didn’t smoke for a long time until it became legal here in 2015. It’s nice to go to the shop and just pick up what you want. Like going to the grocery store for adults. So many choices now and all of the crazy strains/names I never heard back in the day.

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