“An True Insurrection”: Conservatives Equate Supreme Court docket Roe v. Wade Leak to Literal Violence

“An Genuine Insurrection”: Conservatives Equate Supreme Court docket Roe v. Wade Leak to Literal Violence

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Since Republicans are such ghouls ready to declare abortion murder, like they are in various states, maybe, just maybe it’s time to make “pro-choice” the literal litmus test for Dems, stop promoting pro-life candidate, and even stumping for them. I’m looking at you Clyburn.

Jan 6: not insurrection
Leaked scotus opinion: insurrection
Ok, cool. I’m guessing next they will say if you ain’t white you’re not American

Abusers will often try to equate minor infractions to their own horrendous activities.

Like someone who poops in a bed or cuts the tip of a finger off being made to look equal to sleeping off a drinking binge.

I heard Justice Beer, I Like Beer, Do You Like Beer, Senator? Forgot a briefcase somewhere.

Where will all of this outrage go when it comes out that Ginni Thomas was the one who leaked it?

Well the shit smeared hallways from 1/6 did not smell as bad as that shitty opinion that the far right court sitting in stolen seats has come up with.

Yea, the leak isn’t the issue, it’s the crazy hand maiden court decision and the really shitty bills red states are and are going to enact because of it. They can shove their outrage up their ass.

Ohhh. They look soooo serious and mad.

Edit. Wow. Hate ages you. Ernst looks like she has aged six decades since she ran for office

All they know is outrage. They don’t know how to do anything else or discuss actual topics so now that this has happened, it’s their chance to distract from a real conversation to, you guessed it, generate outrage.

Trump hack judges: leak draft to make sure no one backs out of taking constitutional rights from women

Conservatives: leftists did an insurrection!

It’s funny to me that Republicans are calling this an “insurrection” when see have no idea how many people were involved or who they are. Watch it end up being on of the conservative justice’s clerks.

They’re just trying to lower the bar so Jan 6 doesn’t look as bad to their voters. Evidently you can storm the capitol and threaten to hang people so long as you’re doing it for the “right” reason.

This seems like a campaign to rebrand the term “insurrection” among the public before the trials. I bet the recent footage from the protests will be used by Tucker and Jones as “evidence” that both sides perform insurrections.

So let me get this straight if I have to live in this Republican Fantasy World:

Entering a federal building, calling for the deaths of the leaders of the government, destroying and stealing private property, threatening police, and trying to overthrow a legal election is “just taking a tour”

And whistle blowing the fact that several of the most high ranking judges in the government are about to break a promise to the citizens of their country, restrict the rights of more than half the population of said country, and using their position to rule the land as they see fit no matter what the citizens want is an “insurrection”

Sounds like Orwell missed the title of his book by 38 years…..

They just consistently try to hijack the meaning of terms with their base to mask their villainy. They’re trying to devalue the term ‘insurrection’ completely because they know they were complicit in a failed coup.

“No insurrection! You’re the insurrection”

The disconnect from reality is getting stronger and stronger. This worries me. On January 6, people raised a gallows to murder the Vice President. Five people died, including a cop. Police officers were savagely beaten. The Congress felt like their lives were in danger. The violence was savage.

Here, somebody broke protocol and leaked news that was coming anyway. We found out what the Supreme Court intended to do at a time that was not optimum for them.

If they think fetuses are children, why don’t they just say so and defend that opinion, rather than hide behind smoke and mirrors and seek a scapegoat?

The lack of honesty in the way this is being carried out is extremely disturbing. Mind you, I don’t even like abortion, but I think I hate sneaky duplicity in our countries’ leaders even more.

This is how they work, it’s how they’ve always worked.

They take real criticism or allegations against their members, be it that they lied, they stole, they cheated, they committed crimes that paints them as pedophiles, and in this case they caused an actual insurrection, then they start labeling everyone and everything they don’t like by those terms, before long the term becomes obfuscated enough that searching the term doesn’t necessarily lead to them, and the term loses power in discussions because now it’s being used more as an insult than an actual allegation.

“Matt Gaetz is a pedophile”
“Oh ya, all those politicians are pedophiles”

“Republicans cheated to win the election”
“Both sides are cheating all the time to win”

“The right, with help from Republican politicians committed an actual insurrection!”
“And so are the Democrats with their leaks against SCOTUS!, both sides are the same”

The basis of the decision is that there is no right to privacy. So how can SCOTUS assert a right to privacy?

This is a pathetic attempt to white wash Jan 6 and change the subject. The LEAKER doesn’t matter, where do these cowards stand on reproductive rights? They put this in motion, they need to hang it around their necks and own it.

>Senator Mike Lee echoed Hawley’s sentiment, claiming that the draft was leaked “specifically for the purpose of threatening, intimidating, and harassing those justices,” while Senator Marco Rubio called the breach a “far left…attempt to intimidate” the highest court.

So . . . Republicans have been trying to ban abortion for decades, basically my entire lifetime.

Now that this is going to come to pass, they’re . . . mad? They’re not proud, they’re *mad* that anyone knows. Sure, sure.

These Republicans really are downplaying an attempted overthrow of the government because their side is the one that attempted it.

I know this insult is thrown around a lot, but they are truly un-American

Was leaking the preliminary copy of the decision even against the law? What law does it break? It’s not classified. The person who leaked it should lose their job but I don’t even know what they would be prosecuted under.

Violence in the sense that Democrats might be motivated to actually vote some of these clowns out of office?

These fuckers are literally denying (denial), attacking, and reversing victim and offender roles [DARVO]( in order to retain power and so far it’s worked. Starting in the 80’s with Regan, Gingrich provided a road map on aggressive, double down tactics and Mitch leading the helm with his Machiavellianism personality any dumb President with an R behind his name would do. Any attempt to course correct is going to be attacked and made out that the R’s are victims. Fuck them!

The sheer hypocrisy of the right is just too much. First, they rob Obama of his right to appoint a supreme court judge. Then they take advantage of Russian meddling to place an incompetent clown in power, then this imbecilic puppet fans the flames of hatred and makes the vermin crawl out of the ground, then as we are hit with a global pandemic, they minimize the effects and actively ( through nothing more than massive stupidity ) obstruct the efforts to mitigate the pandemic, then at the end of the charlatan’s term they try to remain in power by subverting people’s trust in the electoral system. Then they choose their party over their country when it comes to impeaching the charlatan, which is followed by unprecedented levels of obstructionism. They destroy the GOP in their wake and populate the house and senate with a cadre of mealy-mouth yes people who do nothing but kowtow to business interests. Then the flunkies in the high court begin their destructive process, and then they have the gall to equate a person leaking this document to their multiplicity of sins.

The thing is that they knew ( and know) that abortion rights are what the multiplicity of the people want and they deliberately listened to the evangelical idiocy and took it upon themselves to dismantle them. They wanted to stick the knife in after the elections when they could not be made to suffer the repercussions of their betrayal. But the leak has left them exposed.

So the hypocrisy here is that they fear the consequences because they know what the majority wants and they decided to flout those wishes, now that they have been exposed instead of defending their stand and showing that there was some courage to their convictions, they frantically search for a scapegoat. It is truly a sad state that this country has come to. Politics have always been greasy and slimy but the right in our current days has managed the impossible. They have lowered the bar.

Wait, wait, wait…

The leaking of a memo is “an actual insurrection” and it’s “100000000 times more serious than the Capitol riot”?

The absolute fuck kind of mind-altering drugs are these people on, and where can I get some? To be **that** out of touch with reality, it *must* be some good shit.

Conservatives are desperately trying to memory-hole the overwhelming evidence of the Actual insurrection.

Evidence mounts of GOP involvement in Trump election schemes.

>Pence “should call out all electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all,” Jordan wrote.

>“I have pushed for this,” Meadows replied. “Not sure it is going to happen.”

>“It appears that a significant number of House members and a few senators had more than just a passing role in what went on,” Rep. Bennie Thompson, the Democratic chairman of the Jan. 6 committee, told The Associated Press last week.

>The latest court document includes information on several high-level meetings nearly a dozen House Republicans attended where Trump’s allies flirted with ways to give him another term.

>Among the ideas: naming fake slates of electors in seven swing states, declaring martial law and seizing voting machines.


Here’s what’s being revealed:

All the coup ingredients were in place.

– Step 1: The 7 states submitted their false electors, which itself was an astonishing accomplishment. Done.

– Step 2: Gather enough GOP votes in the house and senate to reject the state electors, and send the ballots back to the state legislators. Done.

– Step 3: Make sure the state’s legislatures had the votes to flip their elections and certify the fake ballots. Done.

– Step 4: Get Pence on board. The sticking point was Pence, he seemed to be hesitant. Plan A was to talk him into it. Failed.

– Plan B, was to have an mob assault the Capitol, and put emotional pressure on Pence. The leaders never explicitly said they were threatening to take out Pence, but the chants of the mob made it clear that making Pence fear for his life was the next step. Failed.

– Plan C was to escalate the violence of the mob in the Capitol to the point where the Secret Service would feel compelled to evacuate him. This was only recently revealed. If the GOP cabal could get Pence away from the Capitol, the Senate could declare him absent and continue on with the vote.

About an hour into the attack it became clear that the Pence plan was not going to work. He wasn’t going to participate in the coup, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to get in the car. He would have had no way to know if the plan was to just drive around a while, or if he would end up disappearing forever, so he refused to get in the car. The Secret Service had to decide in that moment, whether to remove Pence by force or not. If they did and the coup failed, they’d likely spend their lives in prison, so they folded. And that was the seminal moment, the last pivot. In that moment, the coup failed.

There was nothing left to do but back out. As word got out that Pence was still in the Capitol and that efforts to whisk him away failed, people gradually became aware that the plan failed. And so one by one, you see all the conspirators sending, in some form or another, their back-out messages to Meadows. Oh shit, it’s not working, we need to stop this.

And, **no one ever said “This is wrong, and I can’t be part of it.”** They were saying “Pence isn’t going to fold, the jig is up, and we have to abort.”

This is about minimizing 1/6 and distracting from the contents of the leak. Trump supporters attempted a coup that would have *destroyed our Republic* on 1/6/21 and almost all of the GOP is still trying to cover for them. The GOP has put SCOTUS Justices on who lied to Congress to get there and are now taking away the bodily autonomy of women in the name of their personal religious beliefs. Don’t forget it.

No one being honest thinks a violent attempted coup at the Capitol where a violent mob of Trump supporters killed a cop and planned to kill the VP and members of Congress is the same as leaking a document ahead of its scheduled release.

So if someone is telling you that, you know they’re dishonest to their fucking core.

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