An Alabama university wrote this dad’s little one up for speaking about LGBT people today on the bus.

An Alabama faculty wrote this dad’s little one up for conversing about LGBT people today on the bus. or girl_up_for/

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39 replies on “An Alabama university wrote this dad’s little one up for speaking about LGBT people today on the bus.”

the south doesn’t see the need to separate church and state,so now your going to start losing rights.freedom of speech?gone. Making decisions about your own body?gone.but god forbid I’d like you to wear a fucking mask so others don’t get sick!”fuck you it’s not a law that’s against my rights “ lol
This is why we should give the south to Mexico and be done with it.

How is this okay. It directly goes against the constitution that these backwards motherfuckers are so fond of. I guess once again it’s a matter of “It’s only okay when I do it/it’s something I agree with”. Daring today, aren’t we.

The group calling people snowflakes are the biggest ones. Christ, bus driver needs to find a hobby or something

It’s insane to me. On the one hand to wrap yourself in the flag and talk about freedom then this shit. America is on its last leg

Aren’t redneck Americans like super into the whole free speech right everyone has? Or is that only for when it suits them?

Class A dad right right here. Here’s hoping his son keeps doing his thing and laying down the forbidden knowledge.

Conservatives: if you’re scared of COVID just stay home!

Also Conservatives: If you say anything about non-heterosexual, non-missionary, unwed sexy time, you have assaulted my brain through my ears and should be deported to the moon.

Fuck that bus driver. Fuck the government that allows for this bigotry. Fuck Alabama.

Biggest bunch of snowflakes are the ones getting offended by this shit. Props to this dad. This is insanity

I like how they called everyone pussies and shit for being “scared” of a LITERAL DISEASE, while they made a fucking bill to shield their ears from the simple fact that anyone can love anyone. Congratulations. You solved literally nothing

Funny how conservatives claim they hate when their rights get restricted, then proceed to restrict rights. Curious.

Grown ass bus driver: _a child was talking about lgbtq ppl which hurt my delicate sensibilities waaaah_

^(weak ass pansy little bitch)


Daddy needs to sue.

Also, I cannot help but feel this is all a ploy to continue weakening and eventually tear down the entire education system until we have an ignorant uneducated, overtaxed population who will simply do as they’re told….

Straight male here, with a son (he’s too young to know if he’s gay or straight or whatever) honestly I don’t care he’s awesome.

If a school wrote my son up for talking about LGBT as long as he didn’t say anything graphic or sexual I’d fucking rip that school admin a new asshole and stuff my boot down said asshole with a fucking smile on my face.

This is the most infurating thing about being a parent right now. My kids want to be good people. My kids care about their LGBTQ+ friends, my kids are good people….the people in charge of their behavoir are batshit crazy, burning books, trying to legislate morals from a book I don’t personally believe in, yet because there are so many of these mouth breathing knuckledragging morons, they simply somehow outrank my parenting authority simply because there are enough of them. I’m so over this fucking shit, if I had the money to move to a blue state I’d be gone tomorrow.

This extends to what kids can talk about too? To protect the fucking adults? Jesus buttfucking Christ.

God, I hate that stupid bill, it’s absolutely disgusting and the fact that they call it anti grooming bill when a bunch of republicans are pedos or defended pedos. Like sorry you’re feelings were hurt when some kid mentioned something about gay people

I thought the conservatives pushing these bills said they were only to stop teachers from teaching kids about this stuff? Could it be… conservatives lied?!

Man if this is true… back when I was in highschool I and all my boys would of been expelled from every school. Common. This is ridiculous racism still exist but we can’t use the “g” word. Common. The worlds gone soft.

Wouldnt this be the exact thing the parent can sue about?

The school getting involved into any sexual talk?

There is no law that forbids students to do so. Its only the school

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