An additional lovely night time out in Portland

Another pretty night out in Portland more_charming_evening_out_in_portland/

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Oh guy sliced some ligaments by the looks of how floppy his hand is when he raises his arm

Didn’t see the blood spurt first watch, thought the red was spray paint that was already on the window

I really want to say no shirt no service, but even more I want this guy to get the
help he needs .

I think this is the first video I have ever watched that actually made me physically sick.

Fuck, I’m getting old.

100% this guy died. My mate did the exact same thing and the only reason he’s alive today is because he was with a mate who called an ambulance. Completely lacerated his arm, died three times on the operating table. Pro tip: don’t fuckin punch glass

It’s not often that gross videos make me feel ill…but this one got me, the way he keeps looking at it, you can tell he knows he fucked up badly. Jesus.

The gore curiosity in me wishes whoever was recording had kept it going. My night is ruined did he make it or not?

If it were a movie I’d complain how the blood looks fake. But it’s not. It’s so… light coloured.

I had to replay it immediately after he punched the glass because I couldn’t remember red paint being on the glass

I tried google to see if I could find a follow up about this. I didn’t, but found out a surprising amount of people bleed to death after punching windows out. There’s loads of stories.

Motherfucker was drugged out of his goddamn mind. I’m assuming he bled to death shortly after unless the paramedics got there in time.

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