Amber Heard admits, underneath oath, that she would hit and throw matters at Johnny Depp

Amber Listened to admits, underneath oath, that she would strike and toss matters at Johnny Depp

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Camille is such a boss, just grilling her left and right, while Johnny draws his new manga

He was also paying for your sister to stay inside the same plush building rent free that you lived in yet Amber clearly didn’t appreciate this at all.

The ACLU solicited and wrote the op-ed for her that was printed by that English trash rag. Why didn’t they write one for him? She freely admits to being abusive. Anyone here from the ACLU want to chime in? Did you even bother to vet her story, or did you feel left out of the me-too bandwagon, and forget that abuse goes both ways.

Can someone tell me why she kept on looking to her right whenever she answered a question? From another perspective, she sits on the right of the judge, with the questioning consul in the middle (behind a podium) facing the judge. The Depp team is on the right (from AH’s perspective) while her team is on the left. So what’s on her right that she keeps on looking to whenever she answers a question?

Edit: Duh, how could I not think of the audience she’s trying to convey? Thanks for the responses.

Today was gut-wrenching for anyone who’s been a victim of domestic abuse. Amber Heard distorts the plain meaning of her messages in the most gaslighting way and is incredibly manipulative in the recordings and on the stand. Camille Vasquez is my new idol.

Today Heard stated under oath that she never started a physical altercation, and only hit Depp in self-defence. Meanwhile, the “self-defence” part is completely absent from the audio recordings with her and Depp discussing her hitting him, and she explicitly admits to starting a physical altercation with Depp when he was trying to get away from her.

I don’t like celebritism and celebrity-worship, but I can’t stand malicious liars.

Edit – Some quotes of Heard discussing with Depp her being violent to him on audio recording:

**”I did start a physical fight.”**

**”I meant to hit you”**

**”I did mean to hit you”**

**”I’m sorry I hit you, I did mean to hit you”**

**”I can’t promise you I won’t get physical again”**

**”God I fucking sometimes I get so mad I lose it”**

— Amber Heard

Man, you can see how unglued she’s getting from this. Liars are like that. They get angry as all hell when really forced to confront their bullshit.

I know she was told to look at the jury and juries apparently like it but I’ve been on a jury in a long trial (like a month), and that would bug me because it looks rehearsed. Mine was a criminal trial though so maybe it’s different.

“I’m right, everyone else is lying.”

Hmmmm, maybe it works like assholes. If everyone around you is saying that you’re an asshole, maybe they’re not wrong.

Also, if every answer you give to yes/no questions is a short story I get the sense you’re desperately trying to avoid something.

I heard her say in court that she never hit Johnny, that she never could, even though they had played a tape of her admitting she had hit him. Is this woman that narcissistic that she thinks people will just forget evidence and just believe her. I heard that Depp is unlikely to win this case but my tiny little mind just can’t fathom how that can be the case.

STARING AT THE JURY IS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. I’ve served on two cases ( drug case/ wage case), and witnesses occasionally look at the jury, but someone who kept doing that seems really untrustworthy, like they’re trying to force you into believing them

Amber does not seem like a victim at all. She seems overly aggressive, and deliberate, her emotional outbursts seem very calculated.

Honestly, her attitude and demeanor as witness make it far easier to believe Amber did hit her girlfriend in 2009.

This is almost as good as when she literally tried gaslighting the jury about the three testimonies when the domestic was called. All three witnesses, the two officers and the desk clerk all testified that they didn’t see a single mark on her. Vasquez went hard on these testimonies with Herd trying to say that they said “She didn’t look injured” which got obvious pushback as it was an outright lie.

>That didn’t happen.

>And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.

>And if it was, that’s not a big deal.

>And if it is, that’s not my fault.

>And if it was, I didn’t mean it.

>And if I did, you deserved it.

Amber Heard: “It’s always been my testimony that I hit Johnny Depp.”

Also Amber Heard: “I’ve never assaulted Mr. Depp or anyone else I’ve been romantically linked to.”

As a victim of dv, there’s no way I would EVER provoke my abuser. She follows him around, from room to room, pushing and prodding, and taping everything. And she’s using his drug and alcohol use as some type of excuse for HER behavior. She is a horrible person. Horrible. And I’m not sure why Johnny’s attorneys are allowing her to elaborate on so much shit in her answers.

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