Amazon Refreshing Review: How the Grocery Supply Assistance Will work

If you happen to be a Prime member, did you know that you can get groceries delivered to your door similar-working day for totally free? Amazon Refreshing allows you get groceries with no leaving your dwelling. We’ll demonstrate you how Amazon Clean operates and what you can count on when you order from this service. Our Amazon Fresh new overview gives you a authentic glimpse at this grocery shipping and delivery company.
Go through our complete Amazon Fresh new review listed here: new-grocery-assessment/
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27 replies on “Amazon Refreshing Review: How the Grocery Supply Assistance Will work”

The stores store your items in a large freezer in individual carts…

That way the groceries don’t go bad..

I see people saying that the drivers don’t have coolers… but the stores store your full delivery in the freezer up until the driver picks it up.

Reference: I used to work at a grocery store

I use fresh and get free delivery. Deliveries are ok most of the time, but once, the driver delivered to the wrong apartment. I saw on my computer a picture of my groceries outside another apartments door with the apt. number in the photo. I hurried to the apartment and got my groceries still outside the door. I called amazon to complain and was told if i had lost the groceries, amazon would re-deliver them to me at no extra cost. Thanks for this great video.

I have tried different ones but just not happy with someone else picking out my
groceries. I didn't have good luck with most of them but that was last year. I did
find your video very helpful. Thanks!!

I can tell you that 99% of Amazon fresh drivers do NOT have a cooler for those perishable items. But they are also not traveling far. Your orders are pulled and packed as soon as you place them. With the exception of orders for next day or "scheduled deliveries". So once the driver gets your order they bring it to you. Now, they most likely will habe other orders with them. But those orders are typically in the same neighborhood.

I can understand frustration from the cold pack and perishable items. But, what's the difference between that or you going to the store. Do you take a cooler or cold pack each time you go grocery shopping? Cause it's really no different….

I have tried Amazon Fresh and still do. I can't pick up heavy things so this makes it easier for me. The bring the groceries to my door and then it is easier for me to handle because my water stays in the front room by the dining room area. I love it and yes you have to compare prices for the best prices other than that I love it. If you do get products that are not good all you have to do is call customer service and they will give you your money back on the card that you paid for on the card.

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