Am I doing this ideal?

Am I performing this right?

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Sure, but this is sort of a silly one. They aren’t a Gov’t entity and that’s not a hidden fact, it’s right there on their website or Wikipedia page.

Commonly known fact? No. Hidden fact? Also no.

They fine Wells Fargo and Bank of America and collect money and save it. But wait the dtcc is Wells Fargo and Bank of America so how did they lose money it’s another scam

I doubt the DTCC is the best target that should be getting these tweets, they’ll just ignore/block them. Should be members of government, SEC, DOJ and others that SHOULD be providing oversight.

They’re “self-regulating,” which means they can decide how to set internal rules and fines. That doesn’t mean you can openly commit fraud or theft, there are still laws that govern them on a federal and international basis. However, they can set rules to make it hard to find evidence unless the federal enforcement and law offices step up of course…

Pretty good! blBut I mean of course they’re not government. It’s like saying hey amazon, is it true your not government? Neither one is trying to hide the fact that they are non-government private/ public companies…


This is how you write a comment to the DTCC. You write it in your own words. None of that stupid/lazy copypasta. We don’t need lazy copypasta just to generate volume. There are literally hundreds of thousands of us. If you want to intimidate them with numbers, all you gotta do is show up and be yourself.

Remember, you’re not writing comments to the DTCC for the sake of the DTCC. It’s for all the people on twitter who don’t know who the DTCC is and have begun to see thousands of individual comments about them. If you use copypasta, everyone’s just gonna think you’re a bot. Twitter is full of bots. They will simply dismiss you out of hand and ignore you. But if you write a serious message that you spent even 30 seconds thinking about, then you’re going to have an actual impact.

You’re almost doing it right!

If you start a tweet with a normal word other than their @, it tends to extend the reach a little better. This used to be a best practice, but if someone else can confirm that it’s still valid, that would be best.

Sorry, the DTCC is a private company that provides a financial service. What is this tweet about??

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