Allergy list from shopper!

Allergy checklist from shopper!

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I call bullshit on some of this stuff. Unable to eat…..or refuse to eat b/c they are balls deep in some Facebook health page run by a “guru”?

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate such a diverse amount of allergies, nor your safety which is our number one concern. Thank you for thinking of us but we will not be able to serve you.

That is a FODMAP list. Fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polysaccharides. They can cause digestive distress in individuals with an enflamed bowel caused by IBS, Crohne’s, or other immunodeficiency disorder.

I highly doubt this person is actually allergic to these items.

As some one who has long suffered with IBS, cutting FODMAPs from my diet was literally a life altering step.. but following this diet also means NOT GOING OUT TO EAT because there is literally no menu in the world worth serving that excludes all these things.

It’s low FODMAP, a temporary elimination diet, I’m doing it now. If you think it sucks to cook for this person, believe me, it sucks worse to be that person.

this isn’t allergies this is straight up things they just don’t want to consume. you cant be allergic to fructose its like being allergic to water its not possible.

CHEF IN THIS CASE: “ORDER UP! I got one Peanut Butter & GRAPE JELLY on plant-based gluten-free Brioche White!”

* *Staff looks side-to-side at one another with “WTF” look on their faces… **

CHEF: “What!?!?!? You never cooked for nursing homes??? Get it out!!! This is a $15 Special!!!!”

*Aaaaaaaand* **SCENE**!

I worked at an oyster bar and grill.. lady says she’s allergic to shellfish and asks what we could recommend that’s safe. Chef responds “nothing.”

We had a customer come in with a little laminated badge of things this individual was allergic to and I thought that was bad. This looks like a resume, god bless this person.

As long as this accompanied an actual order for a menu item – even if it was modified – no problem.

If you just walk in and hand me this, and say “come up with something for me that fits my diet”, then we can’t help you.

Why couldn’t she make it fit on one page. Seriously, allergic to a 3rd column?

That bothers me more than the ridiculous allergies.

DRIED PAW PAW I guarantee you that this fucker has never even seen paw paw much less dried paw paw or has even tried it.

Looks like maybe a FODMAP restricted type diet, my favorite part is the awkward 2nd sheet tacked on at an angle lol

Couldn’t even be bothered to format it to fit a single page. Somehow that makes the customer even more of a dickhead.

This is literally me…it’s easier to just write what I can eat. Half the time I’ll call ahead and make sure that whatever item I think I can have doesn’t contain a problem (like a sudden surprise of spices). Luckily it’s only ingesting that causes issues not cross contamination for me…
But jeez this person must have SIBO and be allergic to fructo-oligosaccharides and on low fodmap too…why even eat out? I didn’t when I had to do elimination of everything

“Curry or any curry pastes”
“Stock cubes”
“Tzatziki dip”

What does this even mean? What is “curry”? Cumin, coriander, turmeric? These are not allergies.

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