All on the same time zone.

All on the same time zone.

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I did this in my bedroom as a kid because i had a interest in traveling. Had a big map on the wall with six clocks in 6 different timezones. However, each one ticked. and 6 clocks ticking at the same time got really annoying really fast. I had to unplug them so they just staying in whatever time it was relative to noon GMT. Now i just have world clocks on the homescreen of my phone.

I assume these clocks she has dont tick

So the answer is they all came home, but I’ll admit to ya, my dumb ass was figuring out for a solid minute how time zones could get synced 😂

Great to see that though, have a great time together!

In the movie Best In Show, when everyone is checking into the hotel there are four clocks behind the concierge set to the local times of different cities. But the cities are New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Miami, which are all the same time zone, so it’s just four clocks set to the same time.

One of my favorite little jokes in any move.

I have this cute thought where they were digitally linked to their kids phone locations and one Saturday morning she looked up and they were all her timezone and then surprise they coordinated a visit

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