ADOPT ME GIVEAWAY & TRADING LAVENDER DRAGON 🎁 Roblox Adopt Me Giveaway 20th Feb 2022

Giving away a second legendary Dancing Dragon: details in the video. Let’s experience trading a lavender dragon in Adopt Me. Enjoy!
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💙 This video is child friendly / kid friendly / family friendly.
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30 replies on “ADOPT ME GIVEAWAY & TRADING LAVENDER DRAGON 🎁 Roblox Adopt Me Giveaway 20th Feb 2022”

Done as always!
Username: sellingfully
I'm also here to warn about these names:
pawiiq – Adopt me, dxmq, Bibba_Love, Ally rblx, DonkeyPlays, Alices_group_, LavaAdoptMeGamer, JennahJoy, Skyler Playz, Ayce, MoniciliCZ, StraLuly, cute girl, donkey plays, Adam Beams, Roblox_loverxxx, xXemilyrobloxXx, Virtuoso Wendy, Icvecall 🍈, panda plays (NOT Pandazplay their names are just similar), and Micky plays because they are all scammers who are currently targeting adopt small me youtubers and fans. If you click on any of their links, you will lose all of your pets. Also, note that these scammers like to change their name very often.

You can tell that they are hackers by looking closely at any link that they give you. Often times there will be something off like there would be a Rovblox instead of Roblox or wvww instead of www. If you tell them that you don't trust links, they will either delete your comment or come up with a lie on why you need to click on their link. If someone tells you that roblox censors their username, insists that you click on a suspicious link, and then claim that they can't find your user if you ask them to add you, they are probably lying.

If you clicked on a link and it's not too late, the most important thing to do is to create a parent pin if you don't already have one and delete all of your cookies. Also, disconnect from the internet for 5 minutes, move all of your pets to an alt, change your roblox password, and make sure that you have a 2-step verification.

If you did lose your pets, know that adopt me has an official support website and there they can help recover your hacked items. (make sure you have proof that you were hacked btw or else they can't help)

Also, be careful on other site as scammers are everywhere including tiktok, discord, twitter, traderie, ect

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