Activating the what now??

Activating the what now??

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As a kid I totally thought I was special and I could sense stuff others couldn’t- as do many kids. I’m so glad my parents didn’t feed into those ideas, I don’t want to know how I would’ve ended up

To be fair, while the high vibrations and psychic things are definitely wrong, she is explicitly NOT letting him starve himself. This reads to me as vent post, honestly. Someone who doesn’t understand (or is in deep denial about) what’s actually going on looking for help.

Yah, my autistic son wanted to live off of milk and sunshine as well.

He would also vomit/choke on anything with texture. We have been with OT/speech and a feeding therapist for YEARS to help desensitize/strengthen his mouth and jaw and now he eats almost anything as long as it has a soft-ish texture. He’s not a big fan of having to tear with his front teeth and honestly I’m just happy he eats.

This lady is doing her kid a huge disservice.

This poor child. Either he has an eating disorder like ARFID, or he is starting to show the signs of mental illness like schizophrenia or bi polar.

I have lived with people who have both, my husband has ARFID and nearly starved himself twice before he was 16. His parents are not great, and didn’t care they believed he would eat eventually, well he did not. It is NO joke, he still has health issues today from the effects of it.

As for mental illness it can start to show up in pre pubescent and pubescent boys in many ways. Believing he can “ feel if food is harmful,” is straight up crazy. Playing into that delusion is NOT okay, and they typically only get worse.

Either way mom needs to be looking for actual help for her child from a doctor, not some woo woo mommy Facebook group.

I have ARFID/autism and schizophrenia, and this is verbatim EXACTLY how it presents. Delusions telling you that humans were not meant to eat, food is not made for humans, and that all food is cruel and bad, and your throat closing up and rejecting everything like a rabies patient. This is serious.

Yeah either he has an eating disorder (probably of the ARFID or other sensory type), or he’s full of it and she’s loving enabling it just shy of allowing no food.

If it’s not an ED, blindfold the kid and feed him things where he has no idea what ingredients are in it and see how quickly his ✨***vibrational sensitivities***✨ betray him.

When I was in an inpatient Eating disorder rehab there were two children (5 and 8) that also were diagnosed with EDs. One had developed bulimia bc they thought calories in food would add up and make them “explode” and the other was restricting food so she could “live healthier”. This mother may suffer from mental illness herself if she think this child is being called to a “higher vibration” rather than getting him help for an ED.

This child has a severely disregulated relationship with food.
Yikes. This is an eating disorder.
I can’t help but think this kid is picking this shit up from how his parents talk about food.

He has an eating disorder called ARFID, I grew up with it and didn’t recieve any treatment so now it’s stuck with me into adulthood. It’s commonly associated with disorders like autism, ADHD, and OCD though it can develop from a traumatic experience or repeated traumatic experiences, especially if they’re related to food. The fear of food contaminating the body is usually a huge sign of ARFID and the gagging is also a common symptom.

This lady needs to stop believing in this fucking delusional shit and projecting it onto her child and get him tested and treated for a very real and common disorder.

Lmao get your child into feeding therapy!!! I bet you didn’t do that when he was a toddler and was likely gagging over texture issues so now he is repulsed by the processed foods she is giving him since she hasn’t been able to get him anything organic yet lol.

I’m new to this whole parenting thing (mine just went from random, discrete words to mimicking and streaming them in sequence *last Tuesday*), but is there something somewhere telling people that they have to entertain every dumb thing their kids say as if it were real?

10 years old kid has opinion on cooking oil? Bs.

I feel the mom with her spiritualism put words into the kid’s mouth and feeds her own delusions.

The early schizophrenia/mania also sounds plausible, in that aspect kid being obsessed with oil would actually make sense.

Mom also needs therapy and educated on parenting.

“high vibrational” thanks i’ll add that to my list of supposed shitty autistic “super powers” :/ now get that child some help for his AFRID instead of making it worse

My wife is allergic to sunflower oil and swears blind that all through her childhood she could tell if something had been cooked in it because it “tasted like poison”. Kept her alive so far. This kid needs a doctor, and not the witch kind.

If your mind and body are screaming at you that it’s wrong and dangerous every time you eat… well that sounds like an eating disorder. If this mother doesn’t want her child to have a lifetime of struggle with food she needs to get him a good therapist immediately.

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