Acquire the War In | Joel Osteen

Everyday, we have to make the decision concerning settling or doing the ideal detail. That irritation you sense is a indicator that God is contacting you increased.

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33 replies on “Acquire the War In | Joel Osteen”

I am greatful to God for Pastor Joel and his family. They are all uplifting. I like his catholic jokes. I am a catholic christian who loves listening to Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen🙏🏻😇👍 I have protestant christian friends & catholic christian friends who likes to watch Joel Osteen's videos.🙏🏻😇👍⛪😊

Hallelujah hallelujah I live by faith and not by sight. Thank you Jesus. Create a heart in me that's receptive to your word making me abide in your word and your word abiding in me thereby making my heart your dwelling place in Jesus name amen

This was a timely message from God to remind me that Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Daily we have to keep our old man buried and live the victorious life that God has planned for you. I can choose whose voice to listen. Let us choose to shine Jesus' love in and through our lives. 😇🙏🕊🤗🎶💞

I'm not taking the bait from rude customers at my full time job at Burlington that demand everything and not taking the loss for not following the policy. And especially these 16 year olds that don't listen to rules. I'm making changes I'm thinking about buying small notebooks and pen 🖊️ s to have them learn to take notes.

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