A wholesome interaction between a Supra owner and two kids brave enough to ask if they can hear the car’s engine.

A wholesome interaction between a Supra owner and two kids brave enough to ask if they can hear the car’s engine.

A wholesome interaction between a Supra owner and two kids brave enough to ask if they can hear the car’s engine.
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My son was very ill a few years ago and he’s obsessed with tesla cars lol for an event I knew a taxi firm had teslas in their fleet so well in advance I booked one to pick us up as a surprise. Didn’t turn up. Thank god I didn’t tell him before. Lovely to see him do one thing that made their day.

Edit. Post isn’t about good or bad points of tesla cars, its just a small kids favourite.

Place I used to work specialized in Porsche. Teens (and more than a few adults) came in all the time asking to look at the cars. We always took time to walk them out in the shop and show them.

I always enjoyed that. The owner said it was as good for us as it was for them.

I’m 35 and those kids are braver than I am. But there’s a Ferrari F8 a few streets down from where I live and the next time I spot the owner, I’m gonna ask them for a picture.

Fair play to the lads for politely asking, and hats off to the guy for obliging them. They’ll remember this for a long time.

Small moments like this are what life is about.

This..this is our job as car enthusiasts!!! Show the next generation why we love cars. Let them dream!! I can’t wait to see what they drive in a few years. Thank you for taking time to let kids dream. It was the auto show for me as a kid and now automotive pays my bills and had sent me to some amazing places.

I have so many kids (and sometimes adults) come up and ask about my GR Supra. It’s not as cool as this Supra, but they still get excited. I’ll usually let them get in it and start it themselves. The way they light up when the engine roars after ignition and it fires off those first pops and crackles always makes my day.

You could make this video into a modern day fairy tale. The man put a curse on the car so that it lures people in. When they can’t resist the urge to hear the engine and knock on his door, everything is just going according to plan. Once that engine kicks in, QUICK CUT, and then your a man.

I feel one reason men get those cool cars, at least on some subconscious level, is to impress boys. Sounds weird lol, but sports cars and super cars, especially highly specialized ones like that one, are often the result of an enthusiasm for cars dating back to their own childhood. Seeing that reaction on a kid’s face is priceless, likely feels much nicer than some old guy saying “nice car”. That man will not forget that moment. I bet he never felt cooler.

I don’t have a car nearly as cool as an MK4 Supra, but I have a car that a lot of kids and teenagers go crazy over.

I do exactly that whenever I have the chance. I also offer myself to drop off couples at their graduation parties just because it costs me next to nothing and makes people’s day.

I only have such a car because someone once did this and it motivated me !

I remember back when I was 13/14 my neighbor always had friends over with cool cars. Modded beamers, vipers, etc.

Well one time, a buddy of his had a brand new 2014 STi in satin white Pearl. I told him it was beautiful and he says, “ you know, I’ve been looking for a word to describe it. I would say that’s it” and tossed me his keys…

I had no idea how to drive stick but I knew how to start it up. My feet barely reached the pedals, but the feeling of that car start lasted with me for a long time. He then took me on a ride and showed me what boost was.

I’ve owned a WRX and two sti’s now. These kids will remember this forever.

That was **really** generous of him.

The “no, *you* go” antics at the entrance beforehand took me back 50years and I couldn’t help but grin from ear-to-ear, so glad it was included.

As a corvette owner, nothing makes me happier than people (especially kids) loving my car and wanting to hear it roar. I love the warm months where I can drive it with the top down and I see kids with their parents pointing at it from the sidewalk. I love it when I park it outside of stores and shops and kids run up to tell me “I love your red car!”. Owning cool cars like that is such an amazing shareable experience. And giving kids the opportunity to ask about it and hear it is also giving yourself the opportunity to inspire those kids to own cool cars to share too!

I used to have a super loud S13

This disabled guy popped his head in the garage one day while I was washing it and asked if I could rev it up for him

I was like fuck yeah bro let’s go, bashed it off the rev limiter a bit for him, a lovely interaction I thought

Anyway that guy goes to my gym now and apparently he was just off his chops that day because he’s not disabled at all :/

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