A Tale of Two Mothers – Mother&#39s Working day 2022

In this topical sermon for Mother’s Day, Pastor Mark preaches on two mothers – Sarah and Hagar – the two moms to Abraham’s kids, a person child of the assure (Isaac) and a single little one from Abraham striving to choose points into his own arms and go in opposition to God’s system (Ishmael). With Galatians 4 as the backdrop for the sermon, Pastor Mark teaches that, from these two mothers, we can study how to have more grace-centered residences (like Sarah) and significantly less legislation-dependent residences (like Hagar).

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Oh Mark, you big silly–I can't believe that someone like you, who is called by the lord to bear the brunt of all things masculine, would waste a measured breath talking about "penis homes", I mean females.

A tribute to that bountiful breast we all spring from; mother dearest…

M's for the many things she gave me.

O's for the other things she gave me.

T's for the things she gave me.

H's for her things she gave me.

E's for everything she gave me.

R's for the things she gave me.

Let's talk about Mother's…

A Mother is the only person on earth who can divide her love among 10 children and each child still have all her love.

– Bob Dylan Theme Time Hour ~ Mothers

Pastor Mark, I’ve recently watched your 2020 Mother’s Day sermon with Grace where you spoke on the acronym LEAD. I’ve taken that to heart, and I am now benefiting from this sermon as well. I grew up in a law based home but I want my own family to benefit from grace. I’m trying to be better for my husband and children. I appreciate your ministry and really enjoy when you and your wife teach together.

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