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That’s not even accounting for the crazy inflation spiral of the last 2 years. We’re probably up to 30 now.

Cost of living goes up for no reason other than corporate greed, wages don’t change in over a decade. Big brain.

Said it then and I’ll say it again: why else would all these companies spend so much money telling you they pay $15/hour? Because they knew that was a deal for them. Cheaper to double the payout instead of paying an enforced $25-35/hour.

I believe as of 2018 people were saying mid $20 range for minimum wage. I can only imagine the quality of life improvement if this were the case, and minimum wage had been raised along with everything else.

Damn, that’s how much I’m making. This explains why I’m comfortable but just barely scraping by.

In 2019 I was making 34,000 a year in Buffalo NY. I had roommates and was barely making rent after all my other bills. After a notice my rent was going up I realized I was going to be working class homeless by the start of 2020.

Quit my job and moved to AZ for a better job market.

Got a job starting at 60, earned a raise to 72.

I thought I would be living large but I’m only rich enough to not look when I pump gas and to know all my bills won’t over draft me.

I still consider myself one of the lucky few. This system isn’t sustainable

“That’s the point”-political parties

Keep the debate go on long enough that by the time it’s implemented it no longer would achieve what people want.

It should really be tied to a cost of living index. Leaving it up to people who make much more than minimum wage to set it and forget it is a scam.

$24/hour is under $50k/year. Most people will never be able to buy a home or retire if they only earn $50k at this rate of inflation. Gives some context to how bad current min wage is, can’t believe some people in this country still earn even $10/hour, let alone $7.25/hour. Anyone who knows finance realizes this is essentially slavery

Yeah I make 23/hr and pay child support (as I should) and I’m feeling the pain. 15 is slavery level, minimum should be like 25. Or 30.

I remember people were fighting for $15/hr when I was in high school. I graduated in 2008.

$25/ hr if you have no dependents single and in ok health try throwing a disabled parent in the guest room, kids, pets, a spouse … 🤯

Our small team of social workers in LA asked for a raise (we are all in the low $20’s at the moment) and we were denied today because our “numbers” don’t justify a wage increase.

Ok, tell that to my landlord. And the gas stations. And the grocery stores. How the hell is anyone supposed to survive the cost of everything going up so much while pay remains stagnant?


No. Fuck you.

I’ll do you one better. How about all the trust fund babies and real estate developers gobbling up the single family homes leave instead? Bitch.

I argued this point. The Confederate conservative didn’t think there should be a minimum wage. We were talking about the minimum rate being increased to $15. I said the minimum should be $22. This was a year ago.

Lol… in California is more like $27. Anything less and you cannot pay bills.. or, two people making $13.50.

So we should set it at 32 now and by the time it gets implemented it will actually be representative

I remember people trying to get 14 an hour as min wage YEARS ago when I was still in middle school. I’ve since graduated and can’t find a job that pays more than 8 an hour 🙂

JP Morgan estimates gas at $6.80 per gallon by this August. California over $8.00 a gallon then. I am doomed.

If minimum wage had kept pace with executive compensation and inflation since 1970, it would be about $35/hr right now.

Meanwhile, in reality, it is $7.25…and some states would pay even less if the federal government allowed them to.

Reminder that the federal minimum wage is still $7.25 and tipped employee wage is $2.13

There’s also no federal law regarding mandatory amount of breaks, break times, and lunch times. It’s left to the states and some states don’t have them at all.

24hr @ 40 hr is 960

That’s $751 take home a week after taxes

That’s 3k a month

A two bedroom apt is $2400 a month


I’ve recently been apartment shopping.

Rent where I live sits about $1200 for a one bedroom. They require renter’s insurance at most of these complexes at $10 or more a month. Then there’s additional fees such as pest control ($5), pet rent if you have pets ($20-30, so avg $25), convenience fees ($5), and utilities, which I will set to a VERY sparing $100. Total, that is $1345 if you have a pet.

$15/hr for 40hr/week is $2000ish after taxes. That’s what my partner brings home on her current contract. That leaves a person with $655 after rent.

There’s no public transit. My car insurance is dirt cheap and I own my own car. I pay $50/mo for car insurance. $150/mo for gas. That leaves us with $455.

Internet is about $50 on the cheap end in the area, but can be as much as $100, if you live in the wrong neighborhood. Let’s pretend I managed to get the $50 local ISP. $405 left.

Health insurance from the Marketplace at a discount for me is $40. Not everyone is so lucky. $365 left.

Water, $30. $335 left.

Phone plan, $25/mo if you buy Mint Mobile a year in advance. $315 left.

In the best possible case scenario for my family in this neighborhood, I have $315 left per month to use for food, household items, feminine products and toiletries, healthcare, petcare, auto maintenance, clothing, and *yes,* because it is essential, *entertainment.*

My physical therapy is $100/mo. My cats are special needs and their food is $50/mo. My medications are about $75/mo that I need to survive. That’s already less than $100 for food, auto, and clothing, household items, etc. I have a special diet that I have to follow that costs more in groceries, so we supplement with food bank donations.

If anyone were to try to make this work, they would find themselves constantly in fear and debt, because anything can go wrong, even with ideal pricing on all of the essentials. Imagine if this person got a flat. Imagine if their work uniform ripped. What if they got sick and missed a day of work, or worse yet, had to go to the ER? Had an auto accident?

$15/hr is impossible for a single-income household.

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