80s/90s adults had it Manufactured.

80s/90s grown ups had it Created.

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My dad talks about his and my moms first place together. They were renting a 3 bedroom house for $750 a month…
This was like 1983.

First apt was 850. Bought my house after the crash for peanuts and paid it off a few years ago. I feel so bad for this generation. The level of debt you guys have to carry is crippling.

My first apartment in Silver Spring, MD was $580/month in 1994. I was making $25k a year in my first post college job and it was still damn hard to make ends meet. Don’t know how anyone does it now.

In the 90s 800$/month could afford a 3 bed 2 bath with a yard in NE Florida in a good school district

my first apt (in 1983) was 265$ a month. electric included. i got 295$ a month in social security survivor benefits and 35$ a month in food stamps. and i did some hand lettered signs and posters on the side for extra cash! (it was a dump in a rough part of town, but we wont discuss that)

We got married a few months before the Great Recession hit. Our rent was $850 & the landlord was afraid of losing tenants, so they lowered the rent to $750. It was a 3b/2b townhouse across the highway from a marsh. Super nice with a pool. We ended up moving back to our hometown due to the economy anyway once our lease was up.

Now we’re lucky if we even see a rental under $1,000! We were saving up to buy a house when the pandemic hit. Now we’re priced out. Nothing on our end of the market.

Location is important too. My first apartment at 20 was $775 for 1BR in Northern California. My current rent at 36 is $550 for a 2BR townhouse in West Virginia.

My apartment in Atlanta was 750 for a 800 square foot 1 bedroom in 2013. Almost ten years later it’s at 2k.

Make it make sense.

In 1992 me and my girlfriend had apartment on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It was a basement apartment in a large house and because our entrance was in the backyard nobody else used it. Our parking spot could fit both of our cars. It wasn’t the nicest place but it had everything a decent apartment would have, other than looks. It was $375 a month.

Yup, I moved out at 16 (my parents co-signed), got a full-time job (yay, retail hell), and had a studio apartment that cost around $450.

My friend is looking for a place with her girlfriend, and she can’t find anything for under $1200 unless the area is super sketchy or out in the goddamn boonies. Or, since this is Michigan, both.

For comparison, my husband and I bought a house in 2010 and our mortgage is just under $900.

It’s a bad joke. “Sorry, you don’t make enough money to afford a $1000 mortgage, but we can offer you some (significantly smaller) rental units for $1300!”


835, split among 3 people, 2008, Memphis.

No way jobs were paying like 1 person could live there back then.

That same apartment costs $2000 a month now.

Jobs don’t pay there like 3 people could live there now.

I paid $850 for a nice 1 bedroom in college in Tempe. Early 2000s. Those same units rent fro 2300$ now.
I guess they painted so it’s worth it s/

Shoot, I live in SoCal and you could get a 1 bed apt right near the beach for only $900 in 2012. Those same units, largely unchanged, are more than $2K per month now. My first apt was a spacious 3 bed apt for $900/mo.

First apartment in Pomona, Ca was $750 back in 2005. That same shitty place with street parking and no dishwasher is now going for well over $3200

My first apartment out of college was $650/mo and 600sf in 2015 in Champaign, IL. I was making 88k as an engineer. It wasn’t glamorous and didn’t have A/C.

Our first real apartment was $795 a month in 2010. It was super cute. Now it’s over double that cost.

My mom was shocked to hear the average mortgage now is $2000 a month when they paid between $800-$1000

In Chicago we were paying over a thousand dollars rent in ‘89 and it wasn’t a great neighborhood. We were looking at a house that was listed at around $120k a few years later, outside of the city because it wasn’t in the budget to live in it. The ratio between wages and housing costs might not have been the same but “had it MADE”? Nope

Let’s not talk about their tuition. My mom’s first semester was ~$700 in 1989. My payment plan installments were ~$700/month for room and board only in 2011

Ask how much we were making. In the mid 90s if you made 30k in your 20s you were doing well

Take this as you will but when I went away to school I split a 3 bedroom apt for 500 a month/gas, electric and water included. It was 2006-2007. I paid like 165 along with my tow roommates. To put that in perspective, I just bought a week maybe 2 weeks worth of groceries for me and 1 other person and it was almost 400$.

Some people in here don’t understand how much 80s/90s prices would actually be if translated into 2022 dollars…$1 then isn’t the same as $1 now. Silly.

I grew up in an apartment that was $625 . And when they tried to raise it to $675, my rents were like “whoa whoa whoa what the fuck you think you doing? My kid will mow the lawn and you’re keeping it $625”.

Honestly the thing that bothers me is how the price of urban living is warped by people that don’t actually make up the community.

I’d be fine with apartments charging absurd prices if it matched the prices of the people who work in/around the area. How the fuck are inner city studios like 1600 a month but then minimum wage is like 15 an hour? People should have to be taking 30+ minute long bus rides to commute into the city for shitty wages.

Shit mine had a 3 bed, 4 bath, two story house with a yard, in ground pool, on the outskirts of Baton Rouge for 550 a month. Later bought it for just over 260k and sold it last year for for just over 1.4 Mil. Time are crazy af right now.

3 bed 2 bath for $650 a month around 2013 in SW Florida. Not sure you could get a 1 bedroom for that now.

My best friend has lived in the same crummy, run-down little apartment for 20 years and pays $320 for it. He makes good money and I don’t know why he doesn’t move. Well, I do right NOW – paying $1500 would be a shock to his wallet. This is in a truly undesirable place, central Kentucky.

Im currently searching for housing in Canada and its hell.

My parents give me a budget of 650$ max for a 3 pieces, 1 bedroom, 1 parking 💀

Edit : im really grateful for my parents to pay my rent. Im a student. But yeah its just hard to find in this price range nowadays.

Man, my parents had a 3 br apt in the 90s for under $1k and it wasn’t in the hood. I don’t even wanna think about what it costs now

I just checked, it’s between 2-3k now

$620 for a two bedroom 6 blocks from campus in 1982. Austin.
Could have bought 1 bedroom condos for $15,000, two bedrooms for $18,000 in 1992 during the crash.

Had an apartment in 2016 for $725 a month. That same apartment with no upgrades is now $1400.

God all these comments about affordable housing in the past and the prices yall paid is really making me jealous and sad.


I’m 29. Back in 2012 a buddy and I rented a 2 bed 2 bath house in a great part of my town for $600 ($600 TOTAL.. $300 each)

Now renting a similar house in that area you’re looking at about $1900 minimum.

That was just 10 years ago…

My 1b/1ba apartment in 2018 was $827 a month, not including utilities and pet rent. ( That was a steal at the time, but 100-200 a month, tbh, but still )

I moved into the same complex in January of this year 2022 and base rent is a bit over $1300. Same amount of space, same layout. It’s soo fucked up. I could afford my previous rent by myself but now I couldn’t afford this rent if my boyfriend wasn’t chipping in for half. I make pretty good money too, I could only imagine my struggle at minimum wage or being a single parent, etc.

Kid doesn’t understand the concept of inflation.

Yeah apartments were $500-800 but minimum wage was $3.35.

I’m living in a 2Br 1200sf townhouse right now for $800/month. You just have to live in a city where nobody wants to live.

You don’t even have to go back that far.

I rented a 2 story, 2 bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse apartment for $700/mth 15 years ago.

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