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I don’t even have the energy to do basic shit or stay committed to one thing for a day, how do you fucking expect me to work out?

As someone with mental issues that previously worked out I can guarantee it works to some extent. Problem is I have no motivation to work out now..

I think the issue isn’t working out, but rather the “just” part of the sentence which completely disregards any possible lack of motivation or energy someone might have.

I have chronic backpain since i was 15 years old, my boyfriend always give me that advice and it does not work. I tried. Stop saying this to me like my pain is my own fault you little shit.

Yeah, you will forget about all your mental health issues, when you will be gasping for your last breath when you will be running on the trade mill and questioning your life decisions in the first place why in the world you are here!

Here’s what my family doctor told me “work out, if your mind is strong enough your depression will be gone” WHAT LMAO

It’s not quite that simple, but they’re not wrong

To elaborate, exercise releases mood enhancing endorphins

It strengthens the heart and lungs, which can make you more resistant to the physical symptoms of anxiety/panic

It aids with metabolism and digestion, which are both extremely important to brain functioning

It can improve your sleep; again important to mood

Doing anything in the face of depression is important despite a lack of motivation, and it can give you goals to work towards

Doing anything can help with distraction from negative thoughts

It can improve self image and self confidence

Getting out can increase social interaction

As someone diagnosed with depression and ptsd, this may be what it sounds like when someone says this, but it is also the actual advice of medical professions.

Problem is, when people work out a few times or even several times in a month, that isn’t what the advice is suggesting. It take months, sometime a year, to get into a consistent rhythm and start getting a daily, subconsciously scheduled releases of those sweet brain chemicals that combat depression.

So will a work out make you feel better, not always, but a regular workout schedule will change what your brain chemistry looks like for the better on a daily basis.

Start slow people I’m begging you. Go to the gym and sit in the parking lot and go home first if you need. Just decide to make one small change a day. It’s mindset. If you give yourself tiny wins every day or week you will give yourself more confidence. Exercise helps a ton. But walking is just as good of exercise to start as literally anything. Don’t change your eating until you start making progress elsewhere. You’ll be more prepared if you’ve been slowly over a month or 2 or 3 improving.

worked out, now is jacked


still got issues, but now, on the bright side you have the means to enact those issues

People underestimate the power of healthy eating and working out to help balance the body mentally. Of course it’s not the full answer, but it helps a lot.

If you’re a woman you get hit with the “just do yoga, honey!”

Here’s some advice for everyone: book a therapist. If you can’t even get out of bed, make a telehealth appointment. If your first therapist sucks, try another one. I even had an emotionally abusive therapist when I was a teenager, but the one after her was an angel and helped me so much. Just reach out to SOMEONE. It won’t fix your problems, but it *will* help ease and clear your mind, even if just a little bit at a time.

If you have the energy, try an anti-inflammatory diet; the severity of mental illness is partially tied to systemic inflammation and low-grade inflammation of your brain. Blueberries, 70%+ dark chocolate, green tea, almonds, etc. are all ready-to-eat foods that can really, really help if you also cut down on highly processed food. Turmeric supplements are good too. I know it sounds pretentious, but if you feel like you have nothing left to lose, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Finally, find a psychiatrist willing to screen you for treatment-resistant depression. I have been on, literally, every antidepressant on the US market including some off-label medications, none of them worked. Many of them made me worse. TMS treatment didn’t even work, and I had it twice. But my current psychiatrist prescribed me Lamotrigine to help with the neuroinflammation as a glutamate inhibitor, and then a year later I was prescribed ketamine. The microdosing ketamine therapy has put me almost entirely in remission. Just keep reaching out to people that are in the position to help you.

It’s never truly hopeless. I know it sounds frustrating to hear, but I promise you that there is always a way to get better, no matter who you are or what you’e going through. This is all coming from someone who has had treatment-resistant depression since I was 13 and spent the last 10 years on the edge of suicide. You can get better.

“Just work out, just get laid, just forget about it”. But then you do all those things and yet the broken jagged parts of that mental illness stay with you. And no one cares anyway. Male issues get ignored in the world, so we get to deal with the consequences later. Drop 20-30 pounds and people will start saying you look skinny, but not be curious about the eating disorder that caused it.

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