21 gals from Travelling Neighborhood graduate from UCC

21 women from Travelling Neighborhood graduate from UCC

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Great. A good example of how and where affirmative action, to borrow an Americanism, works.

21 graduates. That could be close to a hundred people between them and their children given the chance to lift themselves out of poverty.

Are there any links available about this specific program they were part of? The rte link does not seem to be providing any. Would love to look at how it operates. How candidates are selected, courses available to select from, testing methods and success or failure rates etc. If anyone can provide anything would be appreciated

We have a traveller work at the place I work. Great guy and works hard. Its a low level job. Upper management made the comment recently ‘how did this fall through the cracks?’ i.e. how did he get the job. I felt sick when I heard this. Job means so much to the lad and when he got made permanent he was the first person I ever saw bursting with pride to get paid minimum wage. It’s a relatively big company that prides it self on diversity and inclusion. I for one am delighted to see the travelling community do well. They need more support.

I work in a Munster school and see the traveller girls trying their best. The lads are doing their own thing.

This is great to see. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to see a positive news story about Travellers on here.

Gwan the girls! Hopefully the lads follow suit. Education is empowerment.

I’m happy for them and the example it sets… but lets be real that’s not a proper course they’ve specifically created something just for them to create headlines like this.

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