1993 – “Tombstone” – Johnny Ringo satisfies Doc Holliday

1993 – “Tombstone” – Johnny Ringo fulfills Doc Holliday

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One of my favorite movies “Why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave.”

I think the “Now I really hate him” line is super interesting.

It’s like.. he hates the guy, and in this case, it’s a bad guy, so he finds that hate to be justified, but if he also turns out to be educated, he can’t blame his faults on him being dumb, as he’s not just a bad guy, but a bad guy who clearly knows right from wrong, and chooses wrong.

Or something like that, lol.

“You die first, get it? Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe, you understand me?”

I always love that drunken …”oops” when he’s playing cards early in the movie

If you haven’t seen the biography/documentary called “Val”, you need to! It’s a look at Val Kilmer’s life using videos and images captured by Val throughout the decades. It’s absolutely amazing!

**The Real Translation**

>Doc Holliday: In vino veritas. (In wine there is truth.)

>Johnny Ringo: Age quod agis. (Do what you do.)

>Doc Holliday: Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego. (Let Apella the Jew believe, not I.)
*Romans used the phrase to show contempt for Judaism’s belief that divine power was involved in everyday life.*

>Johnny Ringo: Iuventus stultorum magister. (Youth is the teacher of fools.)

>Doc Holliday: In pace requiescat. (May he rest in peace.)

Credit to u/MulciberTenebras for posting this 6 years ago.

Maybe one of my favorite movie scenes, period. One great thing about it, as the camera pans to all the different players faces, each actor does such a good job showing their stake in the proceedings and their understanding of what’s going down, most without any dialogue. Like the difference between Fabian (Billy Zane) and Wyatt is just night and day. So good.

This is a hill I will gladly die on, but Doc Holliday by Val Kilmer in Tombstone is the coolest character in the history of cinema.

A movie I’ve never really had an interest in watching. Until this clip. Thank you, i will be watching soon

Listen. There were a lotta handsome gents in their prime in this film, but lemme you…. Michael Biehn as Johnny Ringo could get it any day from me. ANY DAY.

One of the most eminently quotable movies ever made.
“What’s wrong with him”?

“He’s a lunger”.

“Yeah well I hope you die”.

I remember finding out that my teenaged daughter watched “Tombstone” every time it came on TV. I asked her why: “Are you kidding? Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday is hot as hell.”

One of my favorite scenes and a great scene that shows off what kind of people Johnny Ringo and Doc Holliday are in this movie, not a lot of scenes in a film can showcase the core of two characters so perfectly, Johnny Ringo wants to prove he’s better and immediately tries to antagonize Doc into a fight by showing off in front of everyone but Doc Holliday, being smart and knowing he’s drunk and probably going to lose, chose to make fun of him instead

This is also one of those scenes Val Kilmer talks about Kurt Russell being such a good producer and wanting the movie to succeed so bad despite all the set backs during the filming that he was perfectly fine letting him have most of the coolest scenes

It is great how much tension is in this scene. Just everyone is tightening up in anticipation, subtle movements to get in position. Little drops in tone to make everything more and more dangerous.

And Doc chooses to diffuse it with humor and charm. Release.

Great stuff.

The casting for this film was beyond fantastic – town marshal Fred White was played by none other than Harry Carey Jr., and if you don’t know of him take a look at his filmography, which includes “Red River”, “3 Godfathers”, “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon” and “Rio Grande”.

Tombstone is one of the most celebrated westerns ever made and an absolute classic, yet it’s still underrated

“Oh come on I was just foolin about”


“I wasn’t.”


*In that moment Mr. Ringo knew he fucked up.*

Jason Priestly and Billy Zane sitting in the back like, “Our acting careers are sure to rebound after our performance in this awesome movie.”

I recite “Not me, I’m in my prime” to my wife anytime I say I’m going to do something my body physically can’t really do anymore.

Spoiler alert:

I love this movie on so many levels. Since so many good quotes have already been quoted, I’ll quote a less well-known one from Doc’s deathbed, moments before dies, a scene that makes me gush hot tears

Doc: *I was in love once. My first cousin. She was… We were both so…*

Wyatt: *that’s good, Doc, that’s good. What happened?*

Doc: *She joined a convent over the affair.*
*She was all I ever wanted.”*

Doc was such a self-reliant smart-aleck, this was an unheard of moment of vulnerability. That was probably the first time he told that to anyone since it happened.

Young people may not realize this, but nearly every single person in that scene was famous at the time. Even the people that appear very briefly.

“Doc, ought to be in bed. What the hell are you doing this for anyway?”

“Because Wyatt Earp is my friend.”

“Friend, he’ll, I’ve got lots of friends.”

“I don’t.”

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