17 Subspecies

Eastern meadowlark is songbird that belongs to the blackbird family. There are 17 subspecies of eastern meadowlarks that can be found in the eastern parts of North, Central and South America. Eastern meadowlark inhabits grasslands, prairies, pastures, agricultural fields and areas near the roads. Accelerated development of agriculture and pollution of the ground with pesticides negatively affect survival of eastern meadowlarks in the wild. Despite these factors, population of eastern meadowlarks is still large and stable.

Eastern meadowlark collects food from the ground. It uses sharp bill to expose and excavate larvae from the soil. Eastern meadowlark likes to eat grasshopper and crickets. Insect-based diet is occasionally supplemented with caterpillars, corn, wild fruit and seed.

I found this one singing his song along Joe Overstreet Road in Osceola County. Florida.

Posted by Gary Helm on 2019-04-17 18:18:45

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