13 Investigates: How criminals are applying mobile banking to steal from your bank account

Robb High-quality and Harold Wilson have hardly ever fulfilled, but they have a great deal in common.

Both of those men individual compact businesses in Indianapolis. Both of those work long several hours to make their firms prosperous. And both have misplaced thousands of dollars because of to latest verify fraud.

“They’re stealing the checks correct out of the mailbox,” Wilson stated. ”It’s a significant deal. The to start with four checks they stole are about $12,000.”


By: Bob Segall

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First offenders should be fined and be made to pay restitution; but second time offenders should lose all their fingers and their freedom for many years! As far as losing their fingers make it simple and just use an axe, don’t waste painkillers on them, it’s just part of the punishment!

My bank is set up only $1,000 or less withdraws are allow from my account. I have to call the bank if I'm going to withdraw/pay anything over $1,000 to approve that transaction ahead of time. Using a ATM machine, it's only allow $500 withdraws. So thief can't get much, before I notice it and put a stop to it. At least I don't loose much in the process from thievery. Inconvenience; but also inconvenience for the crook as well. I know my money is safe at least the most majority of it.

All mobile deposits, should be held by the depositors bank for 3 days after clearing. This is will give time for people to notice the fraud , and inform their bank to get the money back. Check your accounts daily

Property tax is theft,, But know one bats a eye on that tho do you??? Until the American government is held responsible for their theft upon its people and etc, we civilians don’t care what other civilians do.. We turn a cheek and eye for them cause our own government is a criminal enterprise within itself

a couple of helpful tips.

When endorsing a check, under signature, use the following statement. writhe the account number the check will be deposited into.
Then add this line without the quotes "For Deposit Only"

If you are paying bills, do not use your curb mailbox, or even the corner mailbox (the blue drop mailboxes on the corner.) Due to mailbox fishing.

Go to the local post office and drop any checks inside the post office or physically hand the envelope with a check directly to your postal carrier.

I mean you have to look at the check to see if the amount that you have the to put out so can't take an extra couple seconds to look the check over to see if it's suspicious and if it's suspicious contact the account holder and see if it's legit give me a break.that is the person's soul job correct at this bank they are designated to do this sort of thing is that not their job is not that not what they get paid to do sounds like total laziness and not really giving a****. I mean it's not their money so why should they care to be diligent. Yeah… Change Banks!
Go pick up your checks at the bank don't let them mail it! You know you have to take responsibility also check your account everyday twice a day if you see something suspicious call the bank right away. Use money orders to pay your bills takes a little extra time don't be lazy don't be complacent.

I have never used any banking app or bank online. People will sacrifice their very lives for convenience these days. Technology has it's pross, that is obvious, but it also has it's very many cons. This being one of them. Checks, when you see an actual paper check, there are a number of security features that prevent these types of things. You cannot have that security when you take a picture of a check. So, first, walk into the post office and mail your checks from their inside mailbox. Most lobbies are open 24hrs. Make sure you use a gel pen to write and sign all checks because gel ink cannot be removed. DO NOT trust these apps or online banking. Laziness has to end somewhere.

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