🔥giant saltwater croc shifting upstream

🔥giant saltwater croc relocating upstream

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30 replies on “🔥giant saltwater croc shifting upstream”

It’s probably only me wondering this, but if this is a stream, presumably it’s freshwater (not tidal), so why is this a saltwater croc?

Thats when you look nervously downstream to see what’s gotten the croc so spooked 👀

I hate that it becomes instantly unseeable with such little transition. Apex predators indeed.

everyone is missing the real point, which is: WHAT is chasing this harried looking croc upstream?

It’s crazy to think if it was moving towards you, there would be nothing you could do to stop it

The flailing just… Looks frustrated, really.

“This… Fucking… Commute… Is… Bullshit!

“Oh, and now some douche nozzle parked his bike right in my path, too… Fucking tourists.”

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