🔥 Rainbow clouds about Merritt Island 🔥

🔥 Rainbow clouds around Merritt Island 🔥

🔥 Rainbow clouds over Merritt Island 🔥 from NatureIsFuckingLit

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Remember trolls, the little doll thingies?? It looks like one hiding behind the cloud and it’s hair is peeking out!

The best thing about Merrit island is the Bagel King!!!!!!

Damn I miss that lox bagel on a hungover morning.

I think these are called polar stratospheric clouds. Creates the color due to ice high in the stratosphere refracting light. Pretty cool. Saw them in Iceland, our guide said they are rarer than the Northern Lights.

There you go, Republicans of Florida. You keep fucking around and it was bound to happen. Get ready for the Gay Rapture.

Who gives a fuck where ya’ll from!!! When was this video and what were the weather conditions???

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