帅学长为了重新追求淼淼精心准备了礼物,却看见学弟在向淼淼告白😝| 初恋那件小事 A Very little Thing Named To start with Really like ep36-2

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《初恋那件小事 A Minor Point Known as To start with Love》 爱情 、校园、青春、甜宠、励志

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帅学长为了重新追求淼淼精心准备了礼物,却看见学弟在向淼淼告白😝| 初恋那件小事 A Little Point Identified as Initial Love ep36-2


Xia Miaomiao, there are common ladies in each class who are unremarkable. She has dark skin and wears glasses with nearsightedness like the bottom of a wine bottle. Liang Younian, who was thinking about the problem, rippled for the very first time in Miaomiao’s heart lake. Liang Younian gave her the courage to comply with her coronary heart. The sprouting in her youth grew to become a driving force to transfer ahead, and a youthful transformation came as scheduled.

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