Тhe аnts аre uр tо sоmеthing . . .

Тhe аnts аre uр tо sоmеthing . . .тhe_аnts_аre_uр_tо_sоmеthing/

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A ant death spiral.. The leading ants lost the original phenomenon trail and now following their own trail until they die off exhaustion…

ants do this when their pheromone trail joins ends or when they are trying to summon an ancient ant demon

They must be a blind species. This is called a circle of death and it happens when multiple pheromone trails curl inward over each other. They will continue to march, building up into a high stress frenzy until they all die of exhaustion.

They’re stuck in a death circle. If you want to save them you can do it by sliding a piece of card across it and they’ll disperse looking for other paths. If they find a different pheromone trail and follow that instead, they return to normal operation.

Some say when they reach the center they teleport to the Haligtree and drop around 400 souls when they die and are surprisingly easy to kill despite their large size due to the fact that they lack poise and have small health pools

I think these might be [army ants]( I have heard from this exact behavior in a [talk]( (in German, with timestamp) of an austrian philosopher (Paul Watzlawick), where he described this as a rare and in fact deadly phenomenon. Those ants have a nomadic behavior, they travel around as stream and sometimes it randomly happens that the leading ants start following the ants at then end, and the death circle forms.

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