Буду твоим пёсиком! | Animated Audio Online video + gift for TheTapioca and RetroRama

[ REUPLOAD, BECAUSE PERVIOUS VERS WAS DONE INCORRECTLY + i fixed a few frames (re-animated them) and Ash’s name at “special thanks” ]

1st ver –

…ok, i know, i did A Whole lot OF fan arts/supporter animations for him (them, bc I made fanart not only for tapioca). and i am apprehensive that he could possibly believe one thing negative of me. critically, i am just overly fascinated by his thoughts and these concepts inspire a good deal of admirer artwork and enthusiast animations! i realise that i may well be earning you awkward with my repeated “[something about the art] @/thetapioca” and i am actually overcome with pleasure. just, bowen, if you see this – give me a indication if it is ok or if i’ve designed you (and sonny) uncomfortable in any way.

and yeayea ash im sorry for slip-up at ur identify at 1st variation so i preset that really don’t be concerned

Пошлая Молли – Буду твоим песиком
song (this has no formal youtube video):
sc (official):

Animated with Moho Professional 13
Frames was drawing with Clip Studio and Sai
Edited with Right after Effects
! all data about me you can verify at channel description !
! всю информацию обо мне вы можете чекнуть в описании канала !

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inst – @/theruskat
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Many thanks for viewing!


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